Twitch star Amouranth is diagnosed with ‘late stage ovarian failure’ at AGE 29 

A popular Twitch star has been diagnosed with late stage ovarian failure at age 29.

Kaitlyn Siragusa, who goes by Amouranth online, took to Twitter to share her devastating health condition – which occurs when the ovaries stop functioning as they should before age 40.

The Houston-based streamer said that she had been informed of the diagnosis in March after she had ‘noticed a lot of confusing changes’ both physically and mentally.

She is now set to undergo ‘daily injections’ for up to two weeks, which she said could cause headaches, nausea and aches, and added that she has been warned against participating in any ‘high impact physical activities.’

In a series of posts, which were shared on Monday, Siragusa revealed: ‘I tend to keep my medical stuff private – and I would have kept my current situation out of the public eye but I feel like I owe you all an explanation on account of a few cancelled high profile appearances…

‘I was informed in March that I have late stage ovarian failure.

She continued: ‘Beyond that, my body has been in perimenopause/menopause for some time.

‘Over the last year I have noticed a lot of confusing changes (mental and physical) that had no obvious explanations, but just kind of shrugged them off.

‘I was completely unaware of anything serious until March.

‘Since then I have undergone many tests and diagnostic procedures and my doctors concluded that not only do I have these conditions, but that my case is accelerated, as my hormones and other markers indicate a more advanced prognosis.

‘I will be undergoing daily injections for seven to 14 days during which I will (potentially) suffer from headaches, nausea and aches, which would be no big deal, and was also warned against “high impact physical activities.”‘

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Siragusa, who is also a popular Only Fans creator, said that she only found out about her diagnosis after she had agreed to appear at a boxing event in Madrid.

She told followers she would no longer be able to take part, adding: ‘I’m incredibly upset about this, and I’m sorry to anyone I’ve let down.’

She wrote: ‘I had hoped to just box through the symptoms, as I could handle a little nausea or some headaches, but my medical team strenuously vetoed that decision due to the “potential for extreme injury or death” related to a heightened chance of my ovaries torsioning/twisting while undergoing the treatment and doing extreme physical activity.’

Siragusa has gained more than 6.4 million followers on Twitch by posting a combination of gaming content, Hot Tub clips and ASMR videos.

And the star claimed the accolade of being the most watched female streamer in both 2021 and 2022.

She previously made headlines after claiming that she was being blackmailed by an Instagram employee who was demanding $2,600 a month to stop the social media platform from removing her photos for ‘violating’ nudity rules.

And, earlier this year, Siragusa caused quite the stir by allowing fans to hire out a virtual AI clone of her so they can live out their ‘wildest fantasies’ – all for a very hefty price.

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