Judge Christina Mennemeyer Bio, Now, Age, Husband

Meet Christina Mennemeyer, the judge who oversaw the Betsy Faria case in 2013. Christina faced several charges related to the Russ Faria case. In 2022, Christina returned to the spotlight after NBC picked up Betsy’s story for the TV show The Thing About Pam.

So, it’s only natural that viewers want to know about Christina’s personal life. Here we discuss details about her age, her husband, now and her career. So, keep scrolling down to find out more about her as of 2022.

Meet Christina Mennemeyer, the Judge in the Betsy Faria Murder Case

In 2013, Missouri native Russ Faria was brought to trial for the murder of Betsy Faria. Christina Mennemeyer is also responsible for the wrongful conviction of Russ, the husband of Betsy Faria.

Christina is not only the judge in Betsy’s case, but she is also a childhood friend of prosecutor Leah Askey. She reportedly did not allow Russo’s lawyer to present evidence on another possible suspect. Judge Christina did not allow Joel to bring up the fact that Pam was the sole beneficiary of Betsy’s $150,000 life insurance policy.

In addition, Christina also “refused to allow the defense to present cell phone evidence showing that the victim’s friend appeared to have remained near Faria’s home until 30 minutes after the time she originally said she left after leave the victim.”

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Russ’ attorney, Joel, appealed the decision, seeking a mistrial, but Christian dismissed the appeal in December 2013.

But in 2015, Joel’s appeal was upheld again, and Russ’s case was open for reassessment from the start. Fortunately, Russ was acquitted in 2015 and released after serving 3 years in prison.

In the months that followed, the Court of Appeals quashed several other cases brought by Mennemeyer.

Where is Judge Christina Mennemeyer now?

In 2017, Christina Mennemeyer announced a six-month suspension without pay after being accused of delaying the appointment of public defenders in parole cases. In addition, the Missouri Retirement, Removal and Disciplinary Commission, an independent state agency, recommended the suspension in September 2016, and the state Supreme Court accepted the recommendation in January 2017.

In addition, the director pointed to “the judicial practice of deliberately delaying the appointment of defense counsel for poor defendants in probation violation cases until the judge’s period of disqualification expires, for the stated and overt reason of prevent the defending public from disqualifying it”. .” The director also denounced that the defendant “has threatened to file a complaint against any public defender who appears before the date of his appointment.”

There is no evidence that Judge Christina served as a judge after current Judge Patrick S. Flynn took office in 2018. However, she is said to be living in Troy, Missouri at the time of this writing.

Judge Christina Mennemeyer Age

Born in December 1971, Christina Mennemeyer turned 50 in 2021.

Husband of Judge Christine Mennemeyer

There is no information about the marriage of Christina Mennemeyer. Nowhere is it mentioned that she has a husband. In addition, Christina stays away from social networks so there is no news and information about her husband and her children.

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Is Judge Christina Mennemeyer on Facebook?

No, Judge Christina does not appear to be on any social media platforms.

Career of Judge Christine Mennemeyer

Judge Christina Mennemeyer began working as an associate at Mueller, Beck & Meyer. According to Avvo.com, her main practice areas were criminal defense, family, juvenile law, probate and real estate.

However, in 2012, Christina faced off against Gary Grunick and won the Republican primary by receiving 14,801 votes during the election. She won the election to the 45th District Court.

  • Where does Judge Christina Mennemeyer live?

As the report shows, Christina currently resides in Troy, Missouri.

  • Who plays Judge Christina Mennemeyer on The Thing About Pam?

Actress Heather Magee played the role of Christine Mennemeyer. Part of Heather’s job is Foxhunter, Swagger, Ghost Brothers: Haunted Guestsand johnny the terrible.

  • Where did Judge Christina Mennemeyer study?

Christina has a bachelor’s degree in education and a doctorate from the University of Missouri.

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