Jimmy Savile Family: Father, Mother, Siblings, Baby Mama

Meet the Jimmy Savile family below. Here you will learn about his father, mother and siblings. Jimmy was the subject of a new Netflix series Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story.

Read on to know more about them.

Meet the Jimmy Savile family

Jimmy Savile was born as the youngest of a family of 9 members. He told In Plain Sight writer Dan Davies in 2004 that he had no childhood at all. He said: “I grew up with adults, which meant I had nothing to say. I ended up with big ears, hearing everything, big eyes, seeing everything, and a brain that wonders why adults do what they do.

Jimmy called himself a “not again boy”, an unwanted baby born the day before his mother’s 40th birthday. As the youngest, he did not receive much attention. Of his family members, he did not have much time and care. He grew up in a city that gained a reputation for the black market, prostitution and illegal gambling.

Dan reported that he never liked talking about his childhood and was encouraged when pressed to talk about it. It was as if he was preserving his early life. He said: “We didn’t have time for psychological waiting. We’re just survivors, all of us.”

Jimmy reportedly grew up a single boy who didn’t spend a lot of time playing with kids his age.

Who was Jimmy Savile’s father, Vincent Savile?

Jimmy Savile’s father was Vincent Joseph Marie Savile.

Vincent was born in 1886 in Salford, Lancashire, UK. He worked as a bookie and insurance agent in various places. He also got a job in illegal gambling. Vincent worked as a caretaker at St Joseph’s Home for the Elderly, where Jimmy spent his free time wandering the corridors and wards.

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Dan insisted that it was his time there that planted the seeds of Jimmy’s long and sinister fixation with death.

He rarely spoke about his father, never revealing when he died, but records show that he died in 1953 at the age of 67.

Who was Jimmy Savile’s mother, Agnes Savile?

Jimmy Savile adored his mother Agnes Monica Savile. She was born in November 1886 in Burnley, Great Britain, the daughter of James “Careworn” Kelly and Mary Eleanor Kelly. Jimmy claimed that her mother “clothed, fed and housed nine people on £3.50 a week”.

Jimmy became seriously ill when he was about two years old, possibly with pneumonia. Even the doctor gave up hope and left a death certificate at his house. At that moment, Agnes ran to the church, praying for the recovery of her son. Jimmy began to improve after she returned home, according to reports.

Jimmy had spent his adult life trying to win her approval and called her Duchess. After his father’s death, Jimmy took over for his mother. He allegedly spent money to buy her gifts. She bought him a flat in Scarborough and took her with him on her errands as her companion.

The presenter stated many times that it was his responsibility to take care of his mother, which is why he never married. He called her “the only woman I ever loved,” and the image she created as a doting son was, of course, just another layer of her perfectly constructed mask of hers.

After his mother’s death, which was displayed in an open casket at his sister’s house in Filey, Jimmy spent days by the coffin barely moving, a time he described as “the best five days of my life”.

Jimmy described his relationship with his mother as friendship, not love. He said that he had to learn ‘how to enjoy it’. Agnes Savile also became the most visible companion of his son. They went on holiday together, to the Imperial Hotel in Torquay and to Rome to visit the Vatican.

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Surprisingly, Jimmy also used sexual allusions to characterize his mother’s seemingly limitless vitality, saying she has “the energy of a teenager and can go all night whenever the opportunity presents itself.”

Did Jimmy Savile have siblings?

Jimmy Savile had six older siblings: Mary AJ Savile (born 1912), Marjory F Marsden (1914), Vincent J Savile (1916), John H Savile (1919), Joan E Johnson (1920), and Christina W Foster (1921). The only thing he shared about his siblings was that they taught him lessons about the pitfalls of romantic relationships.

As Dan puts it, his siblings “two brothers and four sisters appeared only in brief cameos in his hackneyed anecdotes.”

But there was tension between Jimmy and Johnnie. The feud between the two came to everyone’s attention a week later when Johnnie was featured in the papers picking up rotten wallpaper from the damp walls of his basement in Clapham, South London. “I refuse to ask Jimmy for help,” he declared.

Supposedly, Johnnie once tried to sell a story about Jimmy to a newspaper. Jimmy had already tried to calm him down several times.

Who was Jimmy Savile’s supposed baby mama?

There were allegedly two women among many who were very close to Jimmy Savel. His longtime girlfriend was Sue Hymns, whom he met on September 23, 1968, when she was 18 years old. They separated in the 1970s after Sue and her sister moved to Munich. She was married in 1975 but divorced in 1983.

They renewed their relationship in 1991 and remained partners until his death. She allegedly left him £1,000.

Sir Jimmy was also linked to singer Donna Foot. Two of them had secret romances that lasted two decades.

Their relationship, consummated at the height of their secret child abuse, ended just months after Donna miscarried Savile’s love child without telling him she was pregnant.

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  • Will Jimmy Savile’s family appear in Netflix’s Jimmy Savile: British Horror Story?

No, most of Jimmy Savile’s family is dead and he only has nephews who didn’t appear on Netlfix’s “Jimmy Savile: British Horror Story”.

  • Have Jimmy Savile’s family members commented on Netflix’s Jimmy Savile: British Horror Story?

None of Jimmy Savile’s family have made official comments on the Netflix series “Jimmy Savile: British Horror Story.”

  • What else do we know about Jimmy Savile’s family?

Jimmy’s brother Johnnie, who worked in Springfield as an entertainment officer, a job remarkably similar to Jimmy Savile’s in Broadmoor, was fired for gross misconduct. He worked at the company for six years. The allegations against Johnnie Savile, according to the division’s nursing officer, were that he sexually assaulted a patient in her surgery.

The 61-year-old woman was “on the prowl” before pulling the patient’s gown down and caressing her tummy and breasts, according to the nurse.

In 1972, Jimmy’s brother Vince quit his job in the Royal Navy to concentrate on volunteer work in a children’s ward at a Cardiff hospital and try to make it as a radio DJ. A source told the DailyMail reporter: “On numerous occasions, Vince would show up with a girl. He always made sure everyone knew his brother was Jimmy Savile and also used a lot of sexual innuendos in conversations with him.”

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