Iron Man Just Made His Greatest Armor More Powerful

The gradual evolution of Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit reflects not only his mechanical genius but also his ingenuity and creativity. Good is always better, and Iron Man has somehow made his strongest armor more impressive, proving it once again.

From the famous Hulkbuster to infinity nanotechnology (even including the symbiotic Iron Man armor), Tony Stark gradually transforms from a human genius in a metal suit to a god-class hero, and without a suit. What armor proves this love more real than the three-dimensional armor iron man 2020. A suit with no physical texture, limited only by his own imagination. But while that virtual suit proved very powerful, it was nothing compared to his newly upgraded holographic armor.

exist i am iron man #1 Created by Murewa Ayodele and Dotun Akande, a time-traveling villain is traveling through history in search of the funniest version of Iron Man to fight. Along the way, readers will get a glimpse of Iron Man, from his first generation armor to his most famous gold and red armor. This time-traveling troublemaker also brings readers to Iron Man futureShow off Iron Man’s holographic armor like never before.

Iron Man’s holographic armor has been upgraded to Kaiju size

iron man armor 2020

This updated version of the hologram is exactly what its name suggests — a translucent, monstrous hologram of Iron Man, which Tony Stark operates in the center of the hologram’s chest. The armor isn’t just for show, as when the giant goblin attacks Stark, he activates his suit and instantly becomes the size of a monster before crushing the evil giant just with an attack. When the guitar-wielding time traveler unleashes an additional attack that appears to pierce Stark’s armor, the armor is even more high-tech than one might expect. Even pilot Tony is a projection, all remotely controlled. Taking it a step further, the entire city around them is revealed to be part of holographic armor. A neat trick to win for Tony Stark.

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The illusion created by this armor is only consistent with the actual power the armor possesses. Unlike Mysterio’s tricks and illusions, Iron Man’s holographic armor is more than just an empty hologram. This is a suit of armor that holds a powerful punch, both physically and psychologically. The armor allows Stark to not only become monster-sized in battle, but also completely engulf his enemies, causing them to question what the armor is. reality.

With all the amazing upgrades to this incredible high-tech suit – prove that this holographic version of Iron Man’s armor is a huge improvement over what fans previously assumed was the set. strongest item.

I’m Iron Man #1 Marvel Comics is now available.

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