IQ Quiz: Find out which bottle will appear first in the picture within 15 seconds!

Quiz IQ Test: If you like to solve puzzles and riddles in your free time, then this quiz is just for you! Brain Puzzles makes simple puzzles more fun by adding an element of fun to the puzzle. In these types of IQ quizzes, you have to carefully analyze the problem and come to the answer using your analytical and logical reasoning skills. You have to think creatively to come up with a solution because the answer won’t be right in front of you. So we designed a fun puzzle in which you have to figure out which bottle will be filled first in the picture.

IQ Test Quiz: Determine which bottle will be the first in the picture!

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In the picture above, you have to guess which bottle will be filled first. Figure shows 7 separate bottles with a spout for bottle #1. After looking at the confusing array of tubes and bottles, can you tell which bottle will fill up first? An active mind can solve this puzzle in 15 seconds because it is so easy. Use a slightly less straightforward approach to arrive at the solution. As an extra note, the answers to this quiz are given right below the questions, so be careful not to scroll too far and cheat!

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Advice: look at pipe connection the bottles through which water will be poured differently bottlewith.

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Did you find out the bottle will be full first in 15 seconds?

In this quiz game, all you have to do is look at the connecting pipes through which the water will flow into the bottles. Consider all 7 bottles in turn:

– Water from tank number 1 flows into tank number 2 and then to tank number 3

– If you look closely, the pipe connecting the bottle No. 1 and No. 2 is blocked. Thus, the water will not reach the 6th and 4th pots.

– Now water will only flow into bottle number 3.

– Tank No. 5 and No. 7 are connected to tank No. 0. However, the pipeline connecting tank No. 3 and No. 7 is blocked.

– Then bottle number 5 will be full first.

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So the answer to the riddle is that the water from tank 1 flowing down will be full of tank 5 first because the pipe connecting to tank 2 and 7 is clogged.

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This puzzle is difficult but simple because it takes less time and mind to solve. But it sure is great when you discover the answer in just a few seconds. This brain game is just another fun way to test your IQ. However, taking an actual IQ test is a good way to know your IQ level. Tell us, did you spot which color will be at the top of this IQ quiz?

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