IO TIllett Wright Partner: Who Is Rachel Lee Brady? Bio, Age, Job

As the dramatic trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continued, it was the turn of IO TIllett Wright, one of Amber Heard’s former friends, who knew Johnny Depp during the couple’s relationship, to testify. Corroborating Amber’s testimony about Johnny’s behaviour, IO TIllett explained how, under the influence of drugs and alcohol, Johnny would become very mean, very grumpy and misogynistic. Meanwhile, IO’s unusual fame in the midst of a huge legal battle has people wondering who her partner, Rachel Lee Brady, is. Is she also a friend of Amber’s or Johnny’s?

Find out about this and more in this article from IO partner TIllett Wright.

Meet IO TIllett Wright Partner, Rachel Lee Brady

IO Tillett Wright is probably already married to Rachel Lee Brady; because he now also goes around with her last name attached to her name as ‘Rachel Lee Wright’.

Before that, it seems they got engaged around November 2018. Introducing her as his fiancée a bit later, IO revealed on his Facebook that ever since they started dating, his friends only wanted to date him if she came over. He also said that she is funnier than him and everyone she knows.

They reportedly met on October 17, 2017 when IO walked into a photo studio in San Francisco. Later, while telling the story, he said that he saw Rachel smile at him. So she asked him to cut her hair even though she didn’t need it because according to him he wanted her to touch him. So, Rachel slipped her number into the book she was reading, and the rest only they know. Fast forward to today, IO says that he loves Rachel with every part of him. He calls her her craziest best friend and her transportation.

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Her beloved looks can be seen on Instagram and Facebook, on her accounts.

Rachel Lee Brady Age

As of 2021, Rachel Lee is a little over 35 years old.

Work of Rachel Lee Brady

Rachel Lee Brady is a hairdresser, famous in her business.

Yearning for the city life, she worked as a party DJ in New York and Los Angeles and abroad when her interest in fashion, performance and the subculture led her to styling wardrobes and eventually hair. One day, while she was DJing at a hair salon, she saw all these great people creating looks, making money and leaving at 6 pm And that was the moment when she knew that she wanted to enter the world of beauty.

Her first big job/first fashion show was Marc Jacobs and as a beauty school dropout (she attended the Aveda Institute). She had no idea what she was doing. But her dear friend Tony Kelley helped catapult her to a place where she could truly feel challenged, and the rest is history.

Rachel left right after school to work on fashion shows in New York, Paris, and Milan; she worked with Guido Palau, Odile Gilbert, James Pecis, Duffy, Didier Malige and Anthony Turner for 10 years; she has also worked with some of the most influential photographers and clients such as Adidas, Allure, Dior, Barneys New York and Byrdie.

Today, Rachel continues to attend fashion weeks around the world and is represented by Management Artists. And during her course, she realized that one thing that works for her is to always remember that there is only one and to lean on the things that make her special. And that’s also what she keeps saying to aspiring hairstylists trying to make a name for themselves.

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Rachel is also a proud member of the Rubric Initiative; an organization dedicated to fighting racism and classism in the fashion industry. But she then acts like an LGBTQ community and Black Lives Matter activist even outside of the industry.

Is Rachel Lee Brady on IG?

Actually! You can find Rachel Lee Brady on Instagram @_uncle__lee_. And here she had 1348 posts and entertained around 13.4 thousand followers.

Rachel Lee Brady Height

A beautiful woman of color, Rachel Lee Brady, is approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Rachel Lee Brady Family

Rachel said in an interview that her chosen career truly changed her life path and subsequently her generational wealth and success; about how she traveled to places her parents could only dream of and she made more money than ever in her life.

As for who and where they are, Rachel also mentioned that her father, a lifelong addict, passed away at the same time that she became curious about changing her lifestyle. She said that she immediately felt his death as a very clear message to change the path she was on. Almost the next day, she enrolled in beauty school.

Rachel’s mother didn’t appear to be alive either. A few years ago, she saw her on Instagram writing “I miss you forever” next to her mother’s photo.

On her social media, Rachel also mentioned another family member named Duek.

  • When is Rachel Lee Brady’s birthday?

Rachel Lee Brady, who has already found her birthday venue, has yet to reveal to her fans what day she celebrates.

  • Where is Rachel Lee Brady from?

Rachel Lee Wright was born in California and raised on the island of Maui, Hawaii. And now, as of 2022, she is believed to spend her time between Los Angeles and New York.

  • How Much Is Rachel Lee Brady Net Worth?

Rachel Lee Brady reportedly had a net worth of over $500K in 2022.

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In addition to everything we said above, Rachel also seems to be involved with the Plan C campaign, a research-driven platform that shares information about access to abortion pills for safe home abortions, and another project called BIPOC THE SET.

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