Idle Army Base MOD APK (Free upgrade) 3.1.0

Idle Military Base allows you to build your own military base. As a visionary commander, you will develop more powerful military systems. Military bases are always important for any country. Neon Play puts players in a position where real thinking is required to take their base to the next level. Idle Army Base has created a game that monetizes your brand new built catalog. Players will earn huge amounts of money from strategic trading. Not only develop around the base, but besides that you need to train to have an elite army.

Always respond to different situations when the country needs it, such as war, and this is the task you need to do. The key positions have been arranged, players need to upgrade to develop further. I was a bit confused at first, but later Idle Army Base found it to be better. After completing the jobs in the game, you will gain additional military-related skills. As a brilliant strategist, lead your army around the world.

Download Idle Army Base MOD – Expand and develop your military base

Idle Army Base has a lot of military items for you to show your level. Initially, players cannot level up all at once. You need to save money first to develop important projects. After earning a passive income from his work, this time it began to expand further. Do you want to fight? Sniper 3D Assassin, BombSquad are suggestions worth thinking about.

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What is your mission?

Idle Army Base has many items for you to start working on right away. City battles, obstacle courses, sports fields, academies, docks, bus stops… are the things you need to upgrade. Most metrics are the same, training value, training speed, capacity, queue size, or value multiplier. Of course, there are some words that need attention elsewhere, but these make up only a small part.

Idle army base mod apk

Send troops to fight

After you have a strong enough army, you will send troops to a new land by means of transportation such as warships, helicopters. Mexico was one of the first locations for territorial expansion. Next, the player can travel to Siberia, Madagascar, the Pacific Islands, and other countries in the quest chain. However, you cannot choose to attack all countries at once. If you complete the challenge, the player will receive a bonus, stars to continue to upgrade items.

Daily Refinement – ​​Daily Rewards

Every day you get 3 free spins. Try your luck and see what you get. Players need to watch ads if they want to continue shooting. I think you should take the time to strengthen the military system. Idle Army Base MOD provides players with good enough support features.

Download Idle army base mod

Idle Army Base has many other functions, but here GameDVA only introduces you to the main parts. More than 13 military base buildings are waiting for you to develop. After the base is upgraded, the army will become stronger. In addition, players can lead troops to invade the territories of other countries. Download the Idle Army Base MOD APK to start mastering the army and take your national army to the next level.

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Download Idle Army Base MOD APK for Android (Free Upgrade)

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