How to use Netflix’s secret category codes to find what you want to watch

Surprisingly, there are only a handful of movies that use the word “annihilation” in their names. But it should be no surprise that the best of those films is not Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. Instead, it’s Annihilation, the 2018 sci-fi horror thriller written and directed by Alex Garland. As a filmmaker, Garland had already amassed an impressive resume as a writer/director prior to this film, including 28 Days Later, Dredd, Sunshine, and Ex Machina. But Annihilation is Garland’s masterpiece, and it’s currently heating up the movie charts on Netflix.

Natalie Portman headlines the cast as Lena, a former soldier turned biology expert, who accompanies an expedition into The Shimmer, an area that has been infected with extraterrestrial life that threatens to consume and transform everything within its borders. And given that Lena’s husband, Kane (Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’s Oscar Isaac), was the only survivor of a previous expedition into The Shimmer, Lena has a personal stake in unraveling this mystery.

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