How to Prevent Hair Loss in Men and Women

Hair loss is a major concern for some people, both men and women. When you have a healthy hair, your confidence and self-esteem will increase significantly. It can be scary when you start to lose your hair, but you shouldn’t worry because you can go to Gro Hair Loss Clinics and get the right treatment instead of a hair transplant.

Hair goals often vary from person to person as some want to lose hair, some want to increase their hair, and others just want to maintain healthy hair. Are you among those who want to know how to stop hair loss? If so, read on for tips on how to prevent hair loss for women and men.

Use a mild shampoo that suits your hair

Who doesn’t love clean hair? We all do, so we buy shampoos that can remove dirt and excess oil, and leave the scalp clean and fresh. However, with many commercial shampoos on the market today, some contain harsh ingredients. It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female; When using a commercial shampoo to wash your hair, it’s important to check its ingredients. Some single-use shampoos strip away fatty acids and natural oils from your hair, so it’s best to be careful.

You may be wondering how to know which shampoo is best to stop hair loss. When checking the ingredients of different shampoos, look for natural shampoos. Don’t be afraid to change products if you experience excessive hair loss.

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Sometimes the hairbrush you use can cause hair loss. Be sure to use a soft brush with natural bristles as it helps promote healthy sebum in your hair. Daily brushing will prevent hair loss.

food supplement

A lack of natural minerals and vitamins can cause hair loss and to prevent it, you will need to take some supplements like vitamin D, vitamin B-12, iron, selenium, zinc and niacin. These supplements are ideal because they help your body create strong and healthy hair. Make sure you only buy from trusted sources. It’s best to talk to your doctor before taking any multivitamin supplements.

However you choose to supplement, make sure that your diet is rich in antioxidants as your diet can significantly affect hair loss. Antioxidants help fight stress that damages hair follicles leading to hair loss. Foods rich in antioxidants include spinach, strawberries, legumes, beans, kale, and blueberries. Furthermore, if you want to prevent hair loss, you should avoid or reduce your consumption of sugar, processed fats, alcohol and preservatives as they lead to oxidative stress.

scalp massage

If you’ve ever had a scalp massage, you know how relaxing and soothing it can feel. In addition to reducing stress and tension, your hair can grow faster if you gently massage your scalp while shampooing. To massage your scalp, you can use your fingertips as you normally would or use a scalp massager that simulates fingertip pressure. During a scalp massage, the hair follicle cells are stretched, causing the hair follicles to produce thicker hair.

You can choose to massage your scalp with oil or not, but if you decide to use oils, it’s best to use essential oils. These are water extracts of key plant ingredients and can be mixed with carrier oils like almond to promote hair growth. If you choose an essential oil that stimulates hair growth, you should choose menthol, ginseng, Chinese hibiscus, or jatamansi.

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Quit smoking

Did you know that smoking can cause hair loss? Yes, smoking ages hair cells prematurely, causing hair follicles to become brittle, which means they can be damaged quickly. If you want to prevent hair loss but still can’t stop smoking, you can talk to your doctor so they can come up with a smoking cessation plan for you.

It doesn’t matter if the hair loss you may experience is the result of a short-term medical condition or strong hair care products; You have to protect the hair you have. And you don’t have to wait. The sooner you start taking measures to prevent hair loss, the better your chances of preventing irreversible damage.

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