How to EV train in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

While Pokémon became hugely popular thanks to its cute monsters and simple RPG mechanics, it also fostered a community of die-hard trainers. These trainers don’t necessarily want to catch them all, but rather catch and train the best. To the untrained eye, any two Pokémon of the same species would be identical, but effort values, better known as EVs, have been around for generations and have a huge impact on how your Pokémon’s stats work. This can get very tricky, especially if you’re new to EV training, so we’ll fill your Pokédex entry with everything you need to know about EV training at Scarlet Pokemon and Violet.

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What are electric vehicles and how do they work?

EVs are the stats of your Pokemon, and each of them can gain 510 in total across their six stats: HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Defense, and SP. Stroke. Each of them can have a maximum of 252 points, which means you can’t have a Pokemon with every stat maxed out. Instead, you can only raise two to max level, and then use the remaining six points for a third stat.

There are several ways to gain EV and reset it, such as beating or catching certain Pokemon and using special items.

You can see the current EV of any Pokemon by looking at its summary and using the left trigger to switch to its stats screen. On the right you will see a hexagon with yellow lines extending towards each point. The yellow inner shape represents her EV, and if she hits a corner and the stat name has sparks nearby, it means she has a max of 252 EVs. Unfortunately, there is no way to see the exact number of EVs in the stat before it depletes.

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The final point to know about EVs is that for every four EVs a Pokemon gains in a particular stat, it will gain one additional point for that stat.

How to Train Pokemon EVs

Pokemon trainers run with their monsters in Pokemon Violet and Scarlet.

When you first catch or hatch a Pokemon, they will have no EVs, making them a blank slate. However, just as every Pokémon will gain XP with every battle fought, even if they don’t participate, all of the Pokémon on your team will get the same EV as your leader, so make sure you stick to the team of Pokémon you want to win. same electric vehicles or save them so as not to give them stats they don’t need.

Fighting a specific Pokemon is the most common way to earn EVs, with each successful battle yielding one EV. You can check out this guide on which Pokemon to train for which stat sheet and where to find them.

It is important to note that using auto battle does not grant you EVs.

To speed up EV leveling, purchase and equip the appropriate energy item from Delibird Presents. There is an item for each stat, and if your Pokemon is carrying one during battle, it will gain a total of nine EVs instead of just one.

Finally, you can simply feed Pokemon vitamins or feathers to increase their EV by 10 if you have enough money. Here are the vitamins that increase stats:

  • HP up: HP
  • Protein: Attack
  • Iron: Defense
  • Carbs: Speed
  • Calcium: special attack
  • Zinc: Special Defense

Here are the feathers that increase stats:

  • Health Pen: HP
  • Muscle Feather: Attack
  • Stamina Feather: Defense
  • Genius Feather: Special Attack
  • Smart Pen: Special Defense
  • Quick Quill: Speed
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Alternatively, you can eliminate EVs for respecting Pokémon by feeding them certain berries. These berries reduce the EV by 10:

  • Help: Reduces HP
  • Kelpsy: reduces attack
  • Qualot: Lower defense
  • Hondew: Reduces special attack
  • Grepa: Low special defense
  • Tomato: Slow down

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