How to Complete the Extermination World Quest in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Although relatively simple, some players have reported problems completing quests in the world of Extinction World of Warcraft: Dragon Legion When the progress reaches 100%. Destruction is a player-versus-player world quest that requires the player to destroy some area vermin, monster, or opposing player. This world quest can be found in Tadrazus, northwest of Algotha ​​Academy, and will reward players with experience points and 100 reputation with the Valdraken Protocol.

The Valdraken Agreement is one of the four new factions World of Warcraft: Dragon Legion, as well as The Dragon Scales Expedition, Centaur Maluk, and Iscaran Tuskarr. The Valdraken Pact will likely be the last faction players are exposed to in the expansion, and offers various rewards for those who decide to gain fame through it, such as participating in the Siege of Dragonbane Keep world event, more dragon-riding world quests, and dragon-themed gear and weapon conversions.

How to complete the Extinction World quest in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

According to Wowhead, completing Extinction quests is relatively straightforward, as players simply have to defeat monsters or other players in the area until the progress bar reaches 100%. Unlike regular quests, world quests are not officially accepted, as the player automatically initiates them by entering the quest area. The area for this PvP quest is World of Warcraft: Dragon Legion Located on the ground at the location marked on the map above, not on the islands in the area.

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Since this mission is PvP, the player must activate the War Mode to play in World of Warcraft: Dragon Legion. War Mode is a mode that the player can toggle on and off in their faction’s major cities (Stormwind for the Alliance and Orgrimmar for the Horde). In the main city, the player can click the “N” key to invoke the talent tree, and the war mode switch button can be found in the lower right corner.

Some players have reported crashes due to unexpected interactions with the Contracts scored when trying to complete this quest. These items allow the player to World of Warcraft: Dragon Legion Support selected factions by completing world quests like Extinction. However, some players have reported that to complete this quest they have to disable the contract buff by right clicking on it in the upper right corner. Therefore, players who are also experiencing issues should double-check to make sure they have War Mode enabled before attempting this fix.

Source: YouTube/Sipder, Wowhead

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