How Many Children Does Sarah Jakes Roberts Have? Family & Relationship Explore

Sarah Jakes Roberts boasts six children. Makenzie Henson, Malachi Jakes, Isaiah Roberts, Ren Taylor Roberts, Ella Roberts and Teya Roberts are her children. She gives motherhood advice to all six children along with her husband, Touré Roberts. Sarah Jakes Roberts is the daughter of Bishop TD Jakes, founder and general manager of The Potter’s House. Sarah successfully took over the women’s ministry from Jakes, putting her and her family in the spotlight.

Sarah Jakes Roberts had a baby at the age of 14

As a mother at the age of 14, Sarah Jakes Roberts has shown resilience and that anyone can get over their past. Sarah Jakes was born on July 17, 1988 in West Virginia, USA, the 34-year-old priest is the fourth child of Bishop TD Jakes and his wife, actress Serita Ann Jakes.

She has four siblings: Jemar, Jermain, Cora and Thomas Dexter Jakes Jr. Her childhood was normal, with fond memories she shared with her parents and siblings. She switched majors a few months before turning 14. When she became pregnant and gave birth to her first child in 2002, Sarah Jakes Roberts put her family to shame. Her family helped her change. She graduated from high school at age 16 with a journalism degree from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth.

She has been married twice

In 2008, Sarah got married for the first time. She married former Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Henson. In a marriage of 4 years, they had one child. Her pastor husband, Touré Roberts, married her later. They have one child together, but they raise five children together from other marriages.

Having inherited the womanhood at the Potter’s House from her father, Sarah Jakes Roberts might know a thing or two about overcoming obstacles. She primarily instilled these values ​​in her six children and the public concern for them. Introducing the pastor’s six children: Makenzie Henson, Malachi Jakes, Isaiah Roberts, Ren Taylor Roberts, Ella Roberts and Teya Roberts.

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Sarah Jakes has Malachi Jakes for the first time.

Sarah Jakes Roberts has Malachi Jakes, 14 years old. Malachi Xander Jakes was born on October 3, 2002 in West Virginia. For reasons unknown to the family, the identity of Malachi Jakes’ biological father was kept secret for many years. Malachi took his mother’s maiden name at birth and has been called that since. Sarah Jakes Roberts, Malachi’s mother, has faced the stigma of underage pregnancy, but is also the daughter of a minister pregnant out of wedlock.

Luckily, her parents stepped in and made sure she picked up the pieces of her life to become the woman she is today. Malachi is close to his mother. Maybe because he was her first child or because they formed a relationship after his birth during one of her most difficult times. She celebrated Malachi’s 20th birthday by praising his patience, wisdom, love, generosity, creativity and kindness on social media. She said she felt better because her son was in the birthday post.

Malachi Jakes is a man now, but his grandfather, Bishop TD Jakes, taught him how to be a man. His values ​​have made him a future blogger and actor. In 2017, Sarah’s first son Jakes Roberts graduated from Rock Canyon High School and took an advanced film acting course at the Colorado School of Acting, expressing his desire to become an actor. Moments in Mind With Malachi, his blog, made waves. Malachi Jakes is not married. Also no children.

Sarah Jakes Roberts’ first child with her first husband, Makenzie Henson.

Makenzie Henson was born on August 14, 2009. She is currently 13 years old and the only child of Sarah Jakes Roberts with her ex-husband. TD Jakes’ second daughter married former NFL quarterback Robert Henson after going through a teenage pregnancy. In 2008, Makenzie’s mother was 19 years old and seemed to have her whole life ahead of her when they got married. Her biological parents’ marriage seemed stable when she was born the following August, but 3 years later, her mother filed for divorce, which was finalized in 2012.

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Makenzie Henson’s mother filed for divorce because of her father’s infidelity, although she never stated it in an official statement. Despite this, the mother and daughter continue to share a very close bond that transcends her parents’ experiences of marriage. Details of Makenzie Henson’s formal education are currently unknown, but some sources reveal that she is a photographer and graphic artist. We have yet to find her media-ready work. Like her half-brother, Makenzie Henson is currently putting aside romantic relationships.

Ella Roberts is the only child of Sarah Jakes Roberts with Touré Roberts.

Ella Roberts is technically the last biological child of Sarah Jakes Roberts and the youngest member of the Roberts family. Her birthday is February 10, 2016. She is African-American and a citizen of the United States. Ella Roberts is the only child of her parents, but she has two half-siblings and three half-siblings. Her parents are both pastors. They divorced to get married on November 23, 2014. As of 2022, Ella Roberts is just over five years old and probably starting primary school. Bishop TD Jake’s daughter loves all of her children, but we can all attest to a special love for the youngest member of any family, especially large families like author and her husband.

Ella Roberts

Sarah Jakes Roberts’ three stepchildren

Regarding marriage, the author and Touré Roberts are similar. Sarah’s first marriage, including how, why, and when it ended, is well documented, but her husband’s divorce from Lori Roberts is not. She is a children’s book author married to Touré Roberts. The marriage produced three children, Isaiah Roberts, Ren Taylor Roberts and Teya Roberts, but little is known about the events that led to its dissolution.

Ren Taylor Roberts

Sarah Jakes Roberts became the stepmother to the pastor’s three children after marrying him. Lauren Roberts was born on May 21, 1996. Her father is Lori Roberts, husband of Sarah Jakes Roberts. TD Jake’s second daughter married Ren Taylor at the age of 18. Her exact place of birth is still unknown. Her educational background is similar. Singer Ren (26) is married to pastor Ty Headlee. Their wedding took place on April 5, 2002.

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Hunter Teya

On February 11, 1998, Touré Roberts and Lori D. Roberts had Teya Hunter Roberts. 25 years old. Stepdaughter Sarah Jakes Roberts. With their active family, you wouldn’t know it. At the age of 14, Teye Hunter’s father married a pastor. They quickly developed a mother-child relationship, and in the eight years since the acclaimed Christian author became Mrs. Roberts, the relationship has only gotten better.

Hunter Teya Roberts

Teye Hunter’s upbringing, including her formal education, is kept secret. Lori D., her biological mother, is the author of children’s books inspired by her children, including Teya Hunter, according to her Amazon profile. The Journey2Me blog of Sarah Jakes Roberts’ second stepdaughter is very popular. 2018 is her first year blogging. Teye Hunter’s YouTube channel. Teya Hunter is single and unmarried.

Isaiah Roberts

Isaiah Roberts completes the list. He is the only son of her husband Sarah. He was born 27 days after the pastor’s 14th birthday. He is 20 years old. Isaiah Roberts is not an attention seeker like his siblings. The boy is famous as a singer, in November 2021, he considered giving up because he thought his music had no value. He also stated that he joined not for money or pleasure. After finding that his music brought healing and peace, he reconsidered giving up.

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