How 1000-Lb Sisters Star Tammy Slaton’s Face Changed After Weight Loss

No doubt 1000 lb . sister Fans think that recently Tammy Slaton’s face looks slimmer. The star of the show TLC has battled to lose weight thanks to lifelong unhealthy habits. In fact, she spent the first three seasons of the show trying to successfully qualify for gastric bypass surgery. Tammy began to make more informed choices and her hard work paid off.

Tammy underwent weight loss surgery earlier this summer but has yet to officially reveal her weight loss results. 1000 lb . sister Viewers followed Queen Tammy, who was spotted drinking Diet Coke instead of the high-calorie version. She also doesn’t seem to eat sugary snacks. Although Tammy nearly loses her temper with almost every step she takes, a near-death experience (on one occasion, her lungs failing) seems to be the wake-up call she desperately needs.

Tammy doesn’t look healthy

1000 lb . sister Fans met Tammy in season one when she was at her heaviest. The Kentucky native struggled to get out of the house, walk, and perform even the most basic self-care tasks. She quickly ran out of breath due to sugar cravings and often appeared extremely irritable. Fans think there’s a bit of clarity on Tammy’s face.

Tammy in rehab

Tammy Slaton's 1,000-pound sister in a green vest

Last year, Tammy was forced into a rehab center in Ohio after nearly dying. Tammy was put on a strict diet at the medical center, which reduced her daily calorie intake, in part due to the absence of junk food. A few months later, viewers of her TikTok update noticed that Tammy looked a little thinner. When the fat starts to melt, 1000 lb . sister Fans feel that Tammy’s eyes have gotten bigger and her features are more angular. Tammy’s personality becomes more cheerful and she seems happier overall. Maybe because she lost weight she has better self-esteem now.

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Tammy’s Wedding Day

Amy Halterman and Tammy Slaton of 1000 Pound Sisters at Tammy's Wedding

in spite of 1000 lb . sister The Tammy star still has a ‘windpipe’ to help her breathe and she looks healthier than ever. She was supposed to be discharged from the hospital shortly after her summer weight loss surgery, but chose to stay in rehab due to a number of complications. Tammy recently shared that she is married to local resident Caleb Willingham. In her wedding photos, Tammy wears a wedding dress with white sleeves. “Queen Tammy” also had her hair cut back, highlighting her slender face. The star’s facial features are so pronounced that it’s hard to believe. Audiences are now eagerly anticipating season 4 scheduled to premiere in January to find out exactly how much weight Tammy has lost.

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