He-Man’s Masters of the Universe Just Got a Stylish Sin City Redesign

EQUAL Master of the Universe: Masterverse discover sailor Multiverse, fans are bringing a detective novel to the beloved series — and one that will remind fans of Frank Miller’s style Sin City.

Artist Victor Santos will provide a story in the second season Master of the Universe: Masterversea four-issue anthology in which author Tim Sealy and a host of guest artists tell stories in a broader context. motu multiverse.Santos recently shared a page from the new issue of his newsletter bad EnglishHe also provides more information about his story: “The story follows an alternate version of Man-at-Arms as the fierce hero/Mike Hammer-esque in his most difficult situations. motu And Black is finally together!Depicting Man-at-Arms in a classic black and white setting, check out Santos’ excellent work below.

He-Man’s Man-at-Arms is a brave noir detective

Top Creators polarization The graphic novel goes on to depict some of his influence as he charts the stories in the newsletter. The artist said:Artistically, I draw inspiration from old EC crime comic books and documentary adaptations by Johnny Craig and Wally Wood.“Santos’ use of screen tones also links it to Frank Miller Sin City, specifically citing the work of Wally Wood. The artist further explains: “I try to use ziptone (sic) how wood uses it in comics cannon. The beautiful art of ‘Santos’ also appears on his variation cover Master of the Universe: MasterverseThe following.

Masterverse joins controversial black comic art history

masters of the masterverse 2 sin city cover photo

John Nick Craig and Wally Wood’s crime comics certainly had a huge influence on Frank Miller. Johnny Craig, one of EC Comics’ staunch supporters in the 50’s, contributed mainly to these works. Horror catacombs And unsolved crime. Craig’s most famous artwork is the eye-catching cover Mystery of Crime #22 Depicting a man with a bloody ax and severed head, this was widely used in US Senate hearings in the 1950s, eventually leading to the creation of the Code. comic. Wally Wood is another mainstay of EC, producing memorable work of suspense, horror, science fiction, and even humour. Works cited by Santos, cannonIt’s a manga that appeared overseas weekly, a newspaper distributed exclusively for the United States Army. In 2018, Fantagraphics compiled a controversial full-length manga, filled with violence and melodramatic sex.

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Victor Santos can’t seem to Sin City– Style stories would cause such controversy – if so, this innovative approach would be sailor Fans are looking forward to seeing each other again in the near future Master of the Universe comic.

Master of the Universe: Masterverse #2 Dark Horse Comics will be released on March 15, 2023.

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