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Cox is a well-known web and TV service provider; however, it is mainly popular to provide webmail service, which has a huge user base from all over the world.

Cox Communications is an American telecommunications corporation that provides cable television, telephone services and home automation services along with digital cable, Internet access, etc.

The reason for its popularity is that the webmail service is easy to use and offers convenience. You can send and receive email, and Cox even offers online bill payment, data storage, and other services.

Furthermore, Cox Communications has outstanding customer support, meeting the needs of 6.2 million customers; Online customer service is also available.

In this guide you will find all the information about the Cox Email Login portal that the company offers to its customers; email account allows you to work with 10 email accounts, each with 2 GB of storage.

Simple steps to email registration to Cox.Net

To sign in to your email account, follow these steps:

  1. In your browser, go to the email login page
  2. You’ll see a Cox email signup form where you have to fill out certain information, such as:
  • User name
  • Password

  1. Once you’ve done that, you can check the checkbox that says “Remember User ID” so you don’t have to type it in every time you want to log in, then just click “Sign In”.
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Note- You should only use this “Remember User ID” option on your personal device and not on a public device, as it may lead to your account being hacked.

Check the 'Remember User ID' checkbox and click 'Login'

So you can easily log in to your Cox Webmail account.

Cox email/webmail login issues – how to fix?

Signing in to your webmail account at seems like an easy process, but it can sometimes be difficult to log into your Cox email account due to unexpected errors. Below is a list of solutions that have helped many users with login problems and can help you too; so try them out:

1. Network error

A strong internet is the basic thing you need to connect to Cox net’s webmail services. If your Wi-Fi sends a weak signal, this could be one of the reasons why you can’t sign in to your Cox email account. Once you’ve started getting the required signal strength and still can’t log in, move on to the next step.

2. Invalid User ID

Haven’t used your Cox email account lately? This could be one of the reasons why you don’t remember the correct user ID for your Cox email account. However, there is also a solution to that; just follow these steps:

  • Go to the email login page and in the login form you will see the option ‘Forgot this user ID’; click on it.

On the email login page, click the 'Forgot User ID' option

  • On the next page you will see two options to retrieve the user ID-

To retrieve your user ID, select the 'Phone number' or 'Account number' option

  • Enter your phone number and click ‘Search Account’ to find your Cox email account user ID.
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Enter your phone number and click 'Search Account' to find your Cox email account user ID

  • Alternatively, you can use your account number to find your Cox account and retrieve your user ID.

Enter your account number and click 'Search Account' to find your Cox email account user ID.

3. Wrong password

Passwords can be too complicated if you have to remember a lot of passwords. Furthermore, if you are inactive in your Cox email account, this could be the reason why you are having trouble remembering the correct password. Don’t worry because Cox email service will also help you to recover your password with these simple steps:

  • Go to the email login page and in the login form you will see this ‘Forgot Password’ option; click on it.

On the email login page, click the 'Forgot Password' option

  • To reset your password, you need to enter your Cox user ID to find your account and then

Enter your Cox User ID and click 'Search Account' to find your account

  • Furthermore, you will be given several options to reset your Cox email account password; You must choose one of the following:
  • send message to me
  • Call me
  • Answer the secret question
  • send email

To reset your password, select an option from 'Send me a message, Call me, Answer a secret question or Email'

  • Once you’ve chosen your recovery method and verified your identity, you’ll be allowed to reset your Cox email account password.

4. Incorrect configuration

Setting up a Cox email account on a third-party email client will require entering server settings; Entering them incorrectly can also lead to problems logging into your Cox webmail account. So, to check if you have entered the correct settings, please refer to the table below:

IMAP (Incoming Mail Server) Settings

Incoming mail server
Incoming mail server port993
SSLThat thing
account nameThe first part of your email address
PasswordThe password you use to log into your email account
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SMTP (outgoing mail server) settings

Outgoing mail server
Outgoing mail server portSSL or SSL/TLS encryption: 465 TLS only or no encryption
Verification requestThat thing
account nameThe first part of your Cox email address
PasswordYour Cox email password

It’s all about how to sign in to your email account and fix any login issues.

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