Get In, Get Out, Get Away: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Drive

Although its trailer did mislead some viewers into thinking they were watching Fast and furiousAction movie style, neo-noir masterpiece by Nicolas Winding Refn drive One of the best movies of the decade. Ryan Gosling proves he’s more than just a handsome Hollywood god in his role as a dark and conflicted driver.

Adapted by Hussein Amini from the novel by James Sallis, drive tells the story of a Hollywood stunt driver and a part-time getaway driver chased by an ex-scammer as he falls in love with his long-suffering wife. Here are 10 fascinating details in the production process drive.

big budget blockbuster originally planned to star Hugh Jackman

when the producer drive Originally purchased the film rights to the James Sallis novel, intended to star as Hugh Jackman. The film is considered a big-budget blockbuster, directed by Neil Marshall.

The production went dark and on a smaller scale when Jackman dropped out and Nicolas Winding Refin and Ryan Gosling took on the lead roles.

Bryan Cranston found his character’s death

Bryan Cranston was one of the first cast members drive Because Nicolas Winding Refn is break Bad. Unfortunately, many filmmakers are watching break Bad At the time, Cranston was flooded with offers.

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Refn called Cranston when he was considering whether or not to take the role, and that enthusiasm kept him from taking on the role in the long run. Cranston improvises a lot of his dialogue drive Even found out exactly how his character died while reading the script at Refn’s apartment.

A woman sues the producer of Drive because the trailer sells it like an action movie

Ryan Gosling stands in front of a car with a bag.

Intro drive Uses a few short vehicle action shots from the film to suggest that this is a car-based action thriller. disappears after 60 seconds or Fast and furious.

some audience participation drive looking forward to seeing an action movie when they see a like taxi driver, they were very angry. In particular, one woman was so outraged that she sued the producers.

Driver and Erin originally shared more conversations

despite the fact drive At its core is the love story between Chauffeur and Irene, two characters who barely have any dialogue. They should have had a lot of lines, but Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan felt the relationship should be more conveyed without words, so they declined to do more lines.

The scriptwriter and some actors lived with Nicolas Winding Refn during filming

Ryan Gosling Avenue

Director Nicolas Winding Refn invited screenwriter Hossein Amini to move into his loft apartment in Los Angeles during filming. drive That way, they can work on the script during filming.

Refn also invited the cast to stay, and Carey Mulligan accepted. The director holds script reading sessions at his apartment, where he edits.

We Own REO Movie Express Wagon

Nicholas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling’s first meeting was terrible. Refn showed disgust, which Gosling took as a sign that he was unkind to him. On the drive home, the movie seems to have stopped and they won’t be working together.

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But then a REO Speedwagon song hit the radio, Refn told Gosling. drive This will be a movie about a guy driving around Los Angeles listening to pop music in his car. If this song doesn’t appear, drive Probably wouldn’t have made it – at least not without Refn and Gosling’s double.

The original head-stomping scene is more vivid

at first, driveThe infamous stomping scene is more dramatic than what appears in the final clip. Nicolas Winding Refn meets filmmaker Gaspar Noé, who worked on irreversibleDiscuss how to make the scene more scary and realistic.

However, when the film first appeared before the ratings board, they were stunned by the scene and forced Refn to reduce the violence.

The role of Christina Hendricks should have been played by a porn star

blanche looking up while smoking a cigarette while driving

Blanche was played by Christina Hendricks, but she was supposed to be played by a porn star. Nicolas Winding Refn felt that casting in the adult film world would give the characters a layer of realism, but he couldn’t find a porn star with the requisite raw acting talent. .

Hendricks was cast after Refn’s wife saw some pictures of her and thought she was beautiful. Despite his popularity, Hendricks only appeared in a few scenes.

Ryan Gosling has done a lot of driving stunts by himself

The driver waits for the robbers to come to Drive

final credit drive, you will see the names of many stunt drivers. However, Ryan Gosling actually did a lot of stunts while driving himself. Before filming, he took a stunt car driving course and got excellent grades to be able to play the driver in action scenes as well as quiet scenes.

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Films inspired by Grimm’s fairy tales

Nicolas Winding Refn was inspired to do drive Is a fairy tale set in Los Angeles, based on a reading of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. In his eyes, the driver was the protagonist in a traditional dark fairy tale.

Refn is also inspired by classic horror movies like straight shot, thief, driverAnd two-lane asphalt roadAnd the cinematography was heavily influenced by the masterful crime films of Jean-Pierre Melville.

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