Final Gear MOD APK (Menu/Hệ số sát thương, phòng thủ/Vô hạn đạn, skills) 1.43.0

Final Gear tells the story of people fighting and protecting the earth from mysterious creatures. Final device. They are fighters combined with robots that hold their power. It is a world divided into three factions, all three want their power to become the ruling class. With knowledge and genius commanding ability, the main character is also you who will choose the most powerful warriors. Take control of the Final Gears to fight against the factions. In addition, we must also confront the greatest threat to mankind.

Gameplay throughout is a time when you’ll be searching and upgrading your Final Gear. Bring them into the battlefield to become the main strength of their squad. What you have to face with Uu are servers whose job is to destroy any creature. I won’t be able to let those bloodthirsty machines move into the land where humans live. Implement a strategy to fight back absolute victory at any cost. The story in Final Gear is also a lesson in using technology in everything in human life.

Download Final Gear mod – Save the earth from the next technological disaster

You are just the mobilization of the national security force. Holding this position means having the task of directly commanding enemy attacks. Your force will be the Final Gear piloted by the best pilots of the country. All the parking characters bring strong efforts to help the humans regain their position against the rebellious servers. The battlefield is deployed on a 2D screen. You will summon Final Gear warriors to approach and deal with the enemy. In battles, there will be many pilot support skills to damage enemies or create effects. Therefore, the strong combat element of the game is always enhanced.

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Nominate talents

They are the main source of power to help the commander handle all the enemies on the battlefield. The female pilots with different shapes and powers make up the unique characteristics of each character. The main roles are bomber, direct combat, cannon, sniper. The most popular characters with players like Elizabeth, Aya Kujyou, Dolores… wait a minute. Upgrade them to increase their numbers just during battle. Evolve to different star levels to increase power at a special level. Each pilot will control a separate Final Gear. You can also upgrade these Final Gears with advanced science technology. Get ready to start the battlefield.

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Large scale world map

Because of the terrible effect of the disaster, the enemy is now everywhere in the world. Anyone anywhere can be threatened and killed. As a single military commander, you must appear everywhere to ensure everyone’s safety. Command battles in various locations around the world. Each place will have a clear difference from the terrain factor to the special point of the enemy. You will solve battles in a variety of ways. From fighting to closing and fighting. Choosing the squad before the game is the most important. Capture the enemy’s weak points and take out the army tackle mode.

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Create many projects

In order to serve the needs of pilots at all times, at a stage you will build particularly solid components for your headquarters. Dormitory for pilots, observation room, scientific research place, hangar… Each parking department needs resources to upgrade. that will be scaled up and added many new elements. Commanders can receive input from those rooms as an additional fee. All are in the command base area. Final device. Along with that is creating memory new technology with extraordinary power.

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Everything is porcelain ready to confront the crazy mechanical donkeys at any time. Just a mobilization target, let’s go to battle with your subordinates. Use smart placement tactics to solve big problems. Train and upgrade pilots to make them even stronger. Download Final Gear mod to prepare for the battle to protect the earth.

Download Final Gear MOD APK (menu/Damage multiplier, defense/Unlimited ammo, skills) for Android

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