Elden Ring: How To Get The Blue Silver Set

The Blue and Silver set is a 4-piece armor set Elden’s ring Worn by Latenna of Albinauric, a young woman, Stained Travelers can meet at the end of the Lakeside Crystal Cave in Liurnia in the Lake District. This armor offers useful physical and magical protection, but lacks good resistance, aside from high durability. The aesthetics and design of the knight’s costume Elden’s ring Very similar to Targray’s suit Dark Souls 2.

Get the blue and silver suit Elden’s ring, Tarnished was able to breed the archers Albinauric Wolfback, who guarded the outskirts of the town that worshiped Ordina. The town’s Evergaol pocket-sized archers can also drop set pieces. Ordina is located in the northernmost part of Consecrated Snowfield, the secret western half of Giant’s Peak. Collect the two halves of the Harry G. Terry’s Secret Medal to enter the area. Half can be found in the Albinaurics village south of Liunia, the other half is locked in Sol Castle, guarded by Commander Niall. After the Stained Men have found these two fragments, they can use Rold’s large elevator to reach Consecrated Snowfield.

There are two main ways to evolve blue and silver suits Elden’s ring. Starting at the Site of Grace Ordina in Liturgical Town, the player can travel to the rugged slopes southwest of the town. Here, adventurers will find two albino archers guarded by several wolves. The third archer sits at a distance, but will attack the player as soon as the nearby mobs join the fight.

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How to grow Blue Silver Set in Elden Ring

Albinauric Archers can shoot high DPS arrows quickly, making them difficult to farm. In addition, the tank wolves around these creatures can be a nuisance to the player if not handled. Therefore, Tarnished should use Beast Killer to prevent wolves from joining the fight, while Adventurer focuses on fighting Archers. Another clever strategy is to use the Sleeping Bone Arrow on the third archer at a distance so that the player has more time to attack instead of dodging frequently. Elden’s ring.

The second cultivation path is southeast of Ordina, near the great trees surrounded by flower petals. Here, two Albinauric archers will appear, but they are easier to fight than the other three archers on the opposite flank. Remember to equip or use items that increase item find rate for best drop rate results.

The ultimate alternative to getting the full blue and silver set is to kill Latenna at the Slumbering Wolf’s Shack in Liurnia. However, this will permanently lock the player out of her quest line unless they start NG+.

Elden’s ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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