Does Honkai: Star Rail have co-op?

They come from the same team that brought us genshin Impact, Honkai: Star Railway shares a lot in common with that megahit. Most notable is the art style and gacha mechanics, but what about the ability to play co-op? Once you add friends to your friends list, will this game allow you to participate and help your friends and explore the world together? Let’s see how you can and cannot help your friends. Honkai: Star Railway.

Is there a co-op in Honkai: Star Rail?

The sad reality is that, unlike genshin, no direct co-op mechanic Honkai: Star Railway to allow you and any number of friends to join. It begs the question, what’s the point of having a friends list anyway? Well, even though you can’t help directly or a friend can help you, there is a way you can help each other.

How to use signals of support from a friend

Anyone you add to your friend list will be able to invite as one of your support characters to join your party. However, there are several limitations to this system. First of all, that support character will only stay with you for a certain amount of time and can only be used in Calyxes and Caverns of Corrosion. Also, any support characters you take will have their own level at your level, which means you can’t borrow an overpowered unit to help you in any encounter.

A friend must first set up a character as their support character, which can be done in supporting character menu in your profile. You have to set it up yourself as you will get free credits for every player who uses your support character. When you enter the Calyx or Cavern of Corrosion, simply press Challenge to open the character screen and press support to view and add a show of support for your team.

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