Demon Slayer’s Inosuke Stuns in Amazing Gender-Flipped Cosplay

Though the entire cast of Demon Slayer is beloved, it’s the outrageous Inosuke who seems to have struck a chord with meme-makers and cosplay artists. With his characteristic bombast and iconic boar head, the character was practically tailor-made to stand out. This has inspired one cosplay creator to wonder what the wild fighter would look like as a woman.

Created by Kyoharu Gotouge, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba follows a young man named Tanjiro as he joins the titular Demon Slayers so that he can find a cure for his demon-possessed sister, Nezuko. Along the way, Tanjiro and Nezuko encounter a wide cast of characters, such as the lightning-powered ditz, Zenitsu, and the absolutely feral Inosuke.  Being raised by a herd of wild boars since he was a child, Inosuke has little in the way of social skills. The character won over countless fans with his short temper, willingness to fight, and tremendous strength. Given his popularity, it’s no wonder that he’d become a favorite among cosplay artists.

In a series of posts on Twitter, cosplay artist Bepcosplays, displayed her incredible take on what a female Inosuke would look like. The first she took herself at the Anime Ink Tattoo convention. The second set was taken by Cosplay photographer DJTAAAAM during the Anime Weekend Atlanta convention. From Inosuke’s iconic pig head, to the swords, to the black and blue hair, the cosplay perfectly recreates Inosuke’s unmistakable style while also adding in some new details, such as the tattoos and making Inosuke’s green eyes even more striking. All of it comes together to create a version of Inosuke that is instantly recognizable, while still putting enough unique touches that Bepcosplays absolutely owns.

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Cosplay is more than just costuming, it’s no understatement to call content creators like Bepcosplays artists. The work, effort, and time that goes into creating something like this Inosuke cosplay takes a level of dedication and passion that is truly admirable. To see fans of Demon Slayer respond so positively to this shows just how supportive the community around anime/manga cosplay is. There’s a good reason that Bepcosplays isn’t the first to cosplay as a female Inosuke.

There are few greater signs of respect for a series than a well-crafted cosplay like the one Becosplays displays here. One of the most appealing aspects of manga is the medium’s many larger-than-life characters. Given how much fun characters like Naruto and One Piece’s Luffy seem to have in their respective stories, it’s no wonder that so many people would want to cosplay as them. Demon Slayer’s Inosuke certainly fits that mold, which is why it’s so great seeing cosplay artists like Bepcosplays put their own unique spin on the series’ most iconic fighter.

Source: Bepcosplays, DJTAAAAM

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