Dehea Abraham- All About Rapper Lloyd’s Girlfriend

Dehea Abraham is the girlfriend of rapper Lloyd, Lloyd Polite Jr, with whom she has two children. Even though Abraham and Lloyd have been together for a long time, they haven’t changed their wedding vows, as everyone knows.

Is Dehea Abraham a model?

Although unconfirmed, some speculate that Dehea started modeling early in her career. There are even photos of her posing for a photo with the purpose of modeling.

Abraham was born on October 29. The mother of Lloyd’s children is vegan. According to legend, Abraham was a gymnast. Dante Abraham, her brother and she has a sister.

When did Dehea and Lloyd first start dating?

Although Lloyd and Abraham have yet to reveal when they started dating, according to Deha’s Instagram, the couple may have started seeing each other in 2015. On August 17, 2015, Abraham posted a picture of her. taken with a guy cut in half. in the picture. The full image was later revealed to be none other than Lloyd himself.

Then, on December 21, 2015, Abraham shared another photo of herself and Lloyd, but this time the tension between the two appeared to be due to something deeper. In the next few posts on Ig, it became clear that the rapper and animal activist had become an item.

The couple have been together ever since. On the other hand, they have yet to announce their wedding. Abraham and Lloyd live in Atlanta, Georgia with their children.

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Abraham is the subject of two poems by Lloyd, Porcelain and Caramel.

After losing his sister, Abraham’s husband suffered from depression.

Deha’s boyfriend, Lloyd, has previously talked about his struggles with anxiety and depression, as well as the process of recovering from his sister’s death. The King Of Hearts singer’s younger sister died when she was just one year old. Lloyd said that year was probably 1992/1993, but he rarely talks about it.

The rapper also revealed that his song “Lil Sis” is about him writing a letter to his late sister, telling her about his life.

Is Dehea Abraham really trying to be America’s next top model?

Back A group of aspiring models attended an audition for America’s Next Top Model in New York City in April 2009. According to sources, Tyra Banks and the ANTM producers chose at least some their contestants in private auditions and open appeals for cattle ranching across the country. mostly just public stunts, implying that the audition was almost a scam.

Some hopes of the newcomers were dashed; they really believe they have a chance and believe in the legitimacy of the rehearsals. Amanda Almeida, one of the contestants, was bruised and had cuts on her legs, back and hips. Almeida suffered physical trauma due to the alleged fake audition. Her mother blames Tyra for her hospitalization and asks ANTM to help pay for the hospital bills.

Another unlucky candidate was Dehea Abraham, who flew to New York from Georgia to audition.

She found herself spending $240 on a flight and $184 per night in a hotel, and it only took seconds for her dream to disappear. Although there have been some suspicions, it remains unclear whether the Georgia girl at the time was actually Lloyd’s girlfriend. Furthermore, Abraham had never publicly expressed interest in participating in such a program.

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Abraham is a friend of actress Gail Bean

Lloyd’s partner, Dehea Abraham, is friends with actresses Test Pattern, Unexpected, Skin In The Game and Paradise Lost Gail Bean.

Abraham often mentions Bean’s movies on her Igo. The actress also thanked the mother of two.

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