Darth Maul & 100 Jedi: George Lucas’ Star Wars Sequel Plans Were Very Different To Disney

this Star Wars The sequel trilogy takes a different approach from George Lucas’s original intention under Disney, and his approach is very different from Disney’s. In 2011, Disney CEO Bob Iger approached George Lucas with the idea of ​​buying Lucasfilm. There’s only one problem; Lucas wants what he calls “thepixar deal,“Wanted to receive something similar to the $7.4 billion Disney paid Pixar. However, Disney believes Lucas is overvaluing his company;”Lucas has a lot of talented staff, especially on the technical side, but as far as we know, there’s no director other than George, and no film development or production system,‘ Iger recalled in his autobiography. life’s journey. Lucas tried by finally writing Star Wars The sequel trilogy.

Of course, Disney went in a very different direction with the acquisition of Lucasfilm (which paid a little over $4 billion). But the details of Lucas Star Wars Over the years there have been a trilogy of sequels, most notably by Paul Duncan Star Wars Archives 1999-2005. This provides an interesting look at Lucas’s plan to build on Star Wars: Clone Wars As well as the original trilogy – they are very different from Disney sequels.

Darth Maul and Darth Tyron are the villains in the Lucas sequel trilogy

One of the biggest differences from Lucas’s original plan was to have Darth Maul as the main antagonist of the sequel trilogy, with Darth Talon as his apprentice. Darth Maul was Star Wars: Clone Wars The TV show that Lucas acknowledges, and where the character Darth Talon comes from Star Wars: Legacy Comic series by John Ostrander and Jan Duursema. According to Lucas in Star Wars Archives 1999-2005Maul will take advantage of the power vacuum left by the fall of the Empire and eventually become “The Godfather of Space Crime” in spite of Talon was originally Moore’s apprentice, “New Darth Vader“Most of the action is focused on her.

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Bringing Maul back into the era of the sequel seems to be Lucas’s personal passion, as he’s also explored the idea in other projects. The video game darth maul has been canceled Battle of the Sith lordswith the working title of “Maul”, which should have focused on Maul’s clone with Talon 130 years later return of jedi. Moore then appeared in Clone war and his planned presence in the canceled video game makes it unclear whether Lucas will keep him in the sequel trilogy, but it would be an interesting way to bond. Star Wars franchise with each other.

Maul’s presence would make him the villain in the first and last film of the Lucas story. His defeat at the hands of Obi-Wan Kenobi prevented him from participating in Palpatine’s plan. After the Emperor’s defeat, Maul will return to claim what he thought in the first place was his. Tyrone’s inclusion is also interesting, as it shows Lucas taking inspiration from the Expanded Universe, but it’s also linked to Darth Tyrone in heritage comic. Battle of the Sith lords Tried to maintain continuity by cloning Maul at 130 ABY, but Lucas’s plan is early sign of Disney’s eventual reboot Star Wars classic.

Leia leads the galaxy in Lucas’ sequel trilogy

Leia is the Chosen One in George Lucas' Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

In addition to choosing the main villain, Lucas also had different ideas for a main hero, with Leia taking center stage in his sequel trilogy. Lucas explains that the prequels are about “Dad” the original is about “Boy,” The sequel is supposed to be about “Daughter and grandchild. “Although Lucas did not provide details on who “grandchildren” Well, he explained Leia’s leadership in the sequel as she tries to rebuild the Republic and “Keep it out of the hands of the gangsters.” This would eventually lead to Lucas revealing that Leia was the Chosen One, presumably implying that the cloak was symbolically passed down from generation to generation.

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Lucas’ Star Wars Trilogy Sees Luke Reform the Jedi

Jedi master Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars EU saga.

by Disney Star Wars The sequel trilogy chose to skip Luke Skywalker, but Lucas will go a different route and focus on Luke rebuilding the Jedi Order. Few year later return of jedi, Luke would call any surviving Jedi and train two- and three-year-olds just like the original Jedi Order. because”The Jedi had to re-evolve from scratch,” he said. It took about two decades to create a new generation that would lead to the rest of the sequel trilogy. This is similar to the first 20 years of Luke’s Jedi Order in the canon, except that it ends with Kylo Ren destroying what Luke has built.

However, the Lucas sequel trilogy will end with Luke rebuilding most of the Jedi and Leia becoming the Supreme Chancellor of the new Republic. This is more suitable for Star Wars In the legendary timeline, Luke becomes the master of the new Jedi order and Leia becomes the head of the new republic. On the other hand, in the Lucas sequel, Luke’s journey with the Force could be different, as it will enter the microbial world of the Force, centered on Wells, who communicates through the medium. This will return in the prequel trilogy, but it could also change Luke’s understanding of the Force.

50-100 Jedi Surviving Lucas’s Vision

Jedi orders from Star Wars.

Another big change for Lucas is the 50-100 Jedi that survived Order 66 and the ensuing Dark Ages. Star Wars A few Jedi survived Order 66, both in canon and legend, but certainly not many return of jediThese two continuums have shown that Yoda’s claim that Luke is the last Jedi isn’t entirely true, but Lucas’ vision takes it to the next level. However, Lucas also claims that there were around 100,000 Jedi Knights in the prequel, which means that even if there were 100 Jedi Knights alive, it would be only 0.1% of them.

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The Jedi Guild in its heyday only had 10,000 Jedi, so Lucas’ vision would make the 66th Guild even more tragic. Luke with 50-100 Jedi Knights will definitely help rebuild the Order and could lead to some really interesting stories. Many Jedi are reluctant to work with the son of the one who betrayed and hunted the Jedi, and having three different generations can cause debate about the correct way to reform the Jedi. This is just one of Lucas’s many schemes to make him Star Wars The sequel trilogy is unique and it’s interesting to consider how the story ended differently.

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