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Many games have their roots in manga and anime and are becoming hits in the video game industry. Players can choose their favorite character and start a wonderful journey in different stories. Including the game Protoss Mage developed based on the world famous manga series “Fairy Tail”. The game will take you to adventure in the magical world with thrilling and exciting battles. An experience worth trying.

Faerie Mage is a video game that combines Action and Role Playing. The game allows you to role-play the character to control his movements in the virtual world. You follow the journey of a character from the Fairy Tail comics. Enjoy a world full of magic. Transform into the character and enjoy an exciting adventure. Make more allies and enjoy the most enjoyable experience with your teammates. In addition, you can refer to other action sequences from Rival Kingdoms or IGI Commando.

Download Celestial Spirit Mage mod – Adventure with the almighty mage

The characters in the game are members of the Fairy Tail guild. All characters are taken from existing models with outstanding personalities from the comics. In this game, you can control or interact with various members in battle and story phases. At the same time creating an indissoluble bond with them.

Not only the genuine members of the Fairy Tail state, the game also opens many other characters from other guilds such as Yura in the Lamia-sized state, Ultil, a former member of the Magic Council… King Kingdom of Fiore, but each magician will also have different roles. level. The highest is the S rank mage. You can buy the mage you want from the shop. Or through many doors, new magicians will be recruited by you. Together, you have an incredibly good team.

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CSM mod apk

Recruit and recruit magicians

Not only in the shop, you can also get more characters through lucky spin. Stronger mage will make your battle easier. You can also get materials to increase your mage level. Increase health, armor and skills to deal massive damage to your opponents. Choose the right stats to gradually increase and unlock more skills as you level up. There are hundreds of combinations, giving you options to customize your mage.

Free CSM Mode

play with everyone

Playing games alone can make you feel lonely. Here, this role-playing game can allow hundreds of thousands of players to interact online at the same time through a single server. You can invite your friends to battle through challenging levels. Besides, when your level is high, you will join a guild to find more companions during your adventure. In Protoss Mage, you are not alone. Try to find many allies and join forces.

Module Module CSM

adventure story by chapter

Staying true to the Fairy Tail manga mode, you’ll pass through portals like you’re on a journey through the story. Experience a real fighting game at different stages of the story. Each map has its own interesting and unique story chapter. After completing each story chapter, you will earn money and more experience to level up. The reward will help your character get stronger every day. So fight hard and have new fun with each journey.

match score

The high and low competition will make you feel more excited. The game will be played with two players. Each team will have 4 magicians participating in the competition. The higher your level, the more attractive rewards you will get. Challenge yourself with intense battles and use your skills to defeat your opponents. Win the title of lord and climb to the top. All other players will see their rankings and current positions. Let’s challenge each other now!

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no CSM

The game “Fairy Mage” is a game with exquisite visuals and realistic fighting Chibi images. Each mage’s special skill has its own type of graphics and effects. So do you hesitate to try this game? This game is suitable for you to play at your leisure. Passionate about adventure and challenge, fighting side by side with friends. Create the most enjoyable and comfortable games for you and everyone with the Celestial Spirit Mage mod.

Download Celestial Spirit Mage MOD APK (Immortal, onehit) for Android

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