Carla Cooke Wikipedia, Mother, Singer, Tour, Parents, Biography, Husband

Carla Cooke Wikipedia, mother, singer, tour, parents, biography, husband

Carla Cooke Wikipedia, Mother, Singer, Tour, Parents, Biography, Husband – Carla Cooke was only four months old when her father, the famous King of Soul, Sam Cooke, tragically passed away in 1964. . Is Gonna Come,” helped bridge the gap between white and black listeners during the height of the civic movement. rights movement and the riskier early days.

Carla Cooke Wikipedia, mother, singer, tour, parents, biography, husband

Sam Cooke, according to AllMusic’s Bruce Eder, is said to be “the most important soul singer in history” because of his diversity in style and content. When Cooke died at the age of 33 in a suspicious shooting at a motel late at night, the world was stripped of what it should have been.

Carla Cooke, the youngest child of the late singer, is steadfast in her mission to make sure the world doesn’t forget her father. “Uncle LC [Cooke’s younger brother, a songwriter who passed off last year in Chicago] and I used to talk about what he might be doing today, maybe still in some way in the music business, but maybe in politics,” she recalls.

She had just started her “The Sam Cooke Experience” tour, singing his classics in a voice that resembled hers in clarity and smoothness. She also shares stories from his professional life, such as the time Sam was on tour with Aretha Franklin and Franklin and Sam talked for a long time when Aretha’s father came looking for her and banged on the door of her dressing room. until he spotted them. Carla mocks the fact that many stories have been told to her by LC or her godfather, Sir Mack Rice, creator of “Mustang Sally”, and claims that both are “rigid and bring meaning for the phrase, ‘wait for her to come exhale.’

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“Unfortunately, I never had a chance to communicate with [my father]. As his daughter, it was one of the saddest things I’ve ever experienced. But fortunately, my mother brought me his music when I was little and made me sit and listen to it often. And doing that now makes me feel more connected to him. I can definitely feel it there.

Carla Cooke grew up in the church, singing in the choir, where she discovered her voice, just like her father (a priest’s son). “’God Is Truly Amazing’ by Deniece Williams was one of my first solos. I told the music director that I had to sing that song when I heard it because we heard the gospel every morning on the way to church. Carla recalls how the deacon welcomed her, called her a “singing bird” and invited her to perform monthly.

Cooke claims that she had the opportunity to enter the music industry professionally, but passed it on to raise a family of seven children, following in the footsteps of her half-sister. she was Linda Womack (Sam Cooke’s daughter from his second marriage) who recorded. contract as part of Womack & Womack. “My time has come when everyone is an adult. I can do what I really want to do,” she said, adding that she has the support of her siblings, whom she still keeps in touch with. as well as loyal fans of all ages. , who sticks to her lineage to enjoy music after the legends pass away or retire.

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