Can’t imagine what kind of creature the photographer spotted fits the tree perfectly?

This is the incredible moment a photographer hunting for a large gray owl came across one perfectly camouflaged and mixed in with the bark of a tree.

James S. Batuigas, a 45-year-old amateur photographer from Canada, stumbled across the owl after traveling five hours to his favorite wildlife photography spot at a festival in British Columbia.

“I was planning on looking for a great gray owl that day,” Batuigas told the Daily Mail. “I drove along a forest road in search of great gray owls, scouring each tree in the hope of finding one by midday, where they usually rest.

“Then I suddenly noticed something in the corner of my eye moving in the trunk, then I realized it was an owl that had cunningly mixed with the bark.”

The photographer claimed that if the owl hadn’t turned to look at him, he wouldn’t have recognized it because its color and pattern matched the tree it was sitting on perfectly.

The great gray owl (Strix nebulosa), which can grow up to 33 inches long, is the largest owl in the world (84 cm).

The white collar (often called a “bow”) beneath the owl’s face helps identify this species, which is common throughout the northern hemisphere.

The Owl Institute states that the color of the owl’s feathers “helps it blend in with its natural environment and, of course, keep it warm.”

The Owl Research Institute writes: “The color of the owl’s coat helps it blend in with its natural environment and, of course, keeps it warm.

“Coat color isn’t the only thing that helps camouflage spots. They have other tricks to hide.

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“Many animals stand up straight and compact their feathers, making the feathers thinner and harder to see.”

“When trying to hide, it flaps its white beak.”

Owls can hide from both potential prey and passionate nature photographers thanks to their extraordinary camouflage skills.

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