Can YOU spot the hidden hare? Tricky vintage brain teaser challenges internet to spot the animal in a chef’s kitchen

A NEW optical illusion challenging people to spot a hidden hare has been baffling internet users.

The Playbuzz challenge follows a black and white illustration featuring hidden faces in a bunch of roses which is also blooming hard to crack.


There is a hidden hare concealed in this image of a chef preparing a meal in his kitchen – but can you spot it?Credit: Playbuzz

Believe it or not, the concealed animal can be spotted somewhere in the middle of the chef’s kitchen, as the man tries to prepare a tasty meal.

According to creator Alan Sherin, the chef has lost his temper with the pesky hare and users can attempt to grab the animal on screen to help him out.

So you can spot the cheeky rabbit?

If that has whet your appetite, why not try out more of the tricky puzzles that have been sweeping the web in recent months.

Previously we told how more than 8,000 people have taken a tricky Playbuzz test which asks quizzers to find the hidden assassin hiding in the vintage illustration.

Apparently it takes the majority of people more than five seconds to complete.

But can YOU spot the sneaky sniper?

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