Bridge And Tunnel: Edward Burns’ 10 Best Films Ranked, According To Rotten Tomatoes

New Epix Show From Indie Filmmaker Edward Burns, bridges and tunnels, premiered recently, it’s another great example of the intimacy-focused storytelling style he’s been using for 25 years. Entering the independent scene with 1995 The McMullen BrothersBurns is a pioneer like brave filmmakers like Kevin Smith and Robert Rodriguez, who took their own dreams and made their own movies, telling the stories they wanted to tell, though know that there is no other option.

Inspired by the likes of Woody Allen and John Cassavetes, Burns’ films focus on characters and relationships, and as a filmmaker, his goal is to present realistic depictions of characters. everyday life and how they interact with each other. His films are modest, inexpensive, but full of personality. As he said in his book, “Iindependent editor,‘ His work grew out of an idea articulated by filmmaker Robert Bresson: “To show what you may never see.” “

Looking For Kittens (2004) – 35%

Excited about his first foray into digital filmmaking, Burns shot the film using a mini DV camcorder. This was a new technology at the time that could speed up the filmmaking process and was very cheap to produce. He ended up making the movie for $250,000. In the film, Burns plays a detective hired to find a man’s runaway wife. Like most of Burns’ scenes, the production team is small and doesn’t have traditional filmmaking perks, though he always makes up for it by buying everyone a very nice dinner.

Burns’ goal was to get to the surface and shoot a movie. They didn’t even have the proper filming rights, so he wrote that his character doesn’t like eating at restaurants, which is why he was seen eating outside Joe’s Pizza in one scene. rain. find kittens When it premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, the film was so poorly received that Burns didn’t even want to see it released. However, he has no regrets because the photo shoot was a great time.

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No Turns Back (1998) – 36%

No Looking Back - Ed Burns and Lauren Holly

And Do not look back, Burns wanted to make a minimalist drama that honestly told the story of a place and the people there, who knew that life was more important than the life they lived. The story follows a small town waitress whose life is turned upside down when her ex-boyfriend comes back and wants to take her away.

The film grossed just over $200,000 on a $5.5 million budget. Never liked the name of this movie, Burns’ friends would nickname it, No one saw it.

Best Man (2006) – 52%

Best Man - Ed Burns

With a budget of 3 million USD, best group of men tells the story of the reunion of best friends in the days leading up to Burns’ character’s wedding. For the film, Burns employed a new production company that would also handle the distribution of the film. After disagreeing with the company’s marketing consultants, Burns believes they mishandled the film’s distribution process, causing it to underperform in some of the markets in which it was released.

To add to the insult, when the film was released on DVD, Burns hated the cover of the film, believing it to be poorly made and misrepresenting the film.

Good Johnny (2010) – 53%

Good Johnny - Ed Burns

For burns, good jonny is personal. It’s about the consequences of giving up on your dreams. Burns wanted to go back to the basics and apply the same principles of indie filmmaking as he did this Mr. McMullen. The only difference now is that filmmaking equipment is more readily available so he decided to go out and make films, insisting that if “making movies is in your DNA then you have to”. McMullenHe’ll shoot for 12 days on a $25,000 budget with a minimal team, using unknown actors and using only available lighting.

A pioneer in digital distribution, like his previous films, Violet flowerBurns then released the film directly in VOD, to 40 million viewers, not just on a handful of arthouse cinemas. The new distribution platform proved successful and the film turned a profit.

Sidewalks in New York (2001) – 56%

Sidewalks in New York - Ed Burns, Rosario Dawson

backside by McMullen After his success, Burns started receiving offers to act and he accepted an offer from Steven Spielberg. Saving Private Ryan. Inspired by Spielberg’s handheld and almost documentary style ryanBurns decided to apply this aesthetic to his films New York sidewalk.

The shots are run and gunfight, a bit of improvisation, and the documentary style adds a realistic portrayal and depiction of relationships. They have a small team, very little light and shoot while the business is open. After the 9/11 attacks, the film’s release was delayed, but it was eventually released in November to modest box office and critical reception.

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Purple Flower (2007) – 60%

Purple Purple - Patrick Wilson, Selma Blair

Violet flower is the story of two novelists and exes reunite in their 30s. New York City actually plays a supporting role in this film, and Burns shoots his scenes using various “transition masters” moving”, a style pioneered by Woody Allen.

After failing to secure a distribution deal, Burns distributed the film through Itunes, which recently launched their movie and TV store. Violet flower Becoming the first new film to be released exclusively on digital platforms, this screening strategy has become the norm.

She’s Unique (2006) – 61%

After self-funding this The McMullen Brothers and get its benefits, Burns got the chance to make his next movie with real budget, real crew, and real production company backing. This movie is it was her The film stars Burns, along with rising stars Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz. Burns took a crash course on how to make a “proper” movie.

In the end, Tom Petty provided the music for the soundtrack, which opened to mixed reviews and earned $13.8 million from a $3 million budget.

Fitzgerald’s Christmas (2012) – 64%

Fitzgerald Family Christmas - Ed Burns, Connie Britton

In 2011, Burns starred in cross alex Join writer-director-actor Tyler Perry. One day, over lunch, Perry encouraged Burns to follow Perry’s example and “maximize his niche,” that is: make movies for your audience. this The McMullen Brothers And it was her It’s all about Irish-American families, so because of that conversation, Burns decided to “start over” and make a movie about an extended Irish-American family reunited with a patriarch Controversy at Christmas.

Spin on a micro budget, Fitzgerald’s family Christmas Sold to Itunes, Amazon and VOD platforms where it can be adopted by a wide audience, otherwise not. Burns considers the film to be his best film New York Times Agree, wrote it was his best movie since The McMullen Brothers.

Newly Married (2011) – 73%

Newlyweds - Ed Burns, Caitlin Fitzgerald

Similar to dummy document style New York sidewalk, Burns wants to spend a dime on his movie, new married couple. He bought a Canon 5D for $2,800, a small camera that can capture incredible footage and make production easier. This allows them to shoot whatever and wherever they want. The parameters Burns highlights include a small unpaid, unlicensed group and pizza for lunch most days. He ended up making the movie for $9,000.

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After its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, the film won another VOD distribution deal, bringing it to 45 million homes and easy recoupment, among other things. When the movie started to turn a profit, Burns was able to cut the checks for his own crew.

The McMullen Brothers (1995) – 89%

The McMullen Brothers - Ed Burns, Mike McGlone, Maxine Barnes, Jack Mulcahy

For any independent filmmaker, The McMullen Brothers Production is an inspiration. Burns was so keen to be a filmmaker that he decided to make his own films. He was able to raise $20,000, half of which came from his father. Using his mother’s home on Long Island, he filmed the story of three Irish Catholic brothers and their relationship over 12 days.

At the time, Burns was a production assistant tonight’s reception, So he cornered Robert Redford in an elevator and gave him a copy of the movie. this The McMullen Brothers Entered the Sundance Film Festival and won the Grand Jury Prize in 1995. The film that launched Burns’ career has since continued to make films in every way necessary, inspiring filmmakers all over the world. around the world take the camera and make their dreams come true.

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