Bling Empire: Everything To Know About Jessey Lee, Cherie’s Man

Netflix’s newest reality show is bling empire Actor Jessey Lee is truly the king of furniture. The movie follows real life crazy rich asian Los Angeles, showing off their extremely lavish lifestyle. The audience window into this lavish life is model Kevin Kreider. He is from Philadelphia and describes himself as an ordinary Joe. This may not be entirely true, as Kevin is said to be very rich. However, his rumored fortune is not as great as most of the others bling empire performer. Through Kreider’s eyes, viewers get a glimpse of LA’s super-rich. Other notables include billionaire Kane Lim and fan favorite Anna Shay, with an estimated net worth of $600 million.

bling empireThe initial appeal may be to showcase the extremely wealthy in society, but the real attraction is in the form of drama between the actors. Yes, a lot of actors immerse themselves in the drama, whether it’s searching for their long-lost father in South Carolina, scrambling for jewelry, or witnessing a couple’s argument on a trip. Luxury travel to Paris. its form bling empireensure uninterrupted entertainment.

However, drama is not the only purpose of the show. When viewers need a break from all the drama, they can enjoy scenes featuring former pop star and denim princess Chen Xiaoxia and her business lover Jessie Lee. While the rest of the cast may be shaky, these two bring a breath of fresh air. They are completely focused on building a family and embodying traditional Chinese values, even though they are living together outside of marriage and living an unorthodox life. They have a child and another is about to be born.

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Cherie may be cowboy royalty, but her fiancĂ© is a prince. His family owns a luxury furniture business operating across Asia. In return, Jessey regularly travels between the US and China and is being trained to take over the business when the time is right. Right now, he is a prince, but soon he will become a real king. The pair’s combined net worth is $200 million and continues to grow.

It’s no surprise that they can afford such a lavish lifestyle while living in vast tracts of land in one of the world’s most expensive cities. Jesse always keeps his cool and plays the perfect prince in front of his princess. One day they will rule together, but for now, they are on stage and putting each other first. Take a look at their ever-expanding kingdom bling empireNow streaming the first season on Netflix!

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Source: Nicki Swift, The Cinemaholic

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