Below Deck: Why Kate Chastain Won’t Reveal Every Detail Of Her Pregnancy

Below Deck star Kate Chastain is currently pregnant with her first child, but there are some things about her pregnancy she won’t be sharing with fans. Kate was the chief stewardess on Below Deck from season 2, announcing she would not be returning after season 7. While there were mixed reviews on Kate throughout the seasons, she became a fixture in the franchise and Captain Lee Rosbach’s right-hand woman. While Kate has always been an open book, it seems that after her departure she has learned to keep some things to herself.

Below Deck fan-favorite Kate has had some ups and downs in her past on the show and in her personal life. In 2016, Kate was charged with domestic violence against her ex Ro Hernandez, expressing the incident made her value her privacy a lot more. While Kate has been a controversial personality on Below Deck, there have been some moments that she is not proud of, and she has no plans of letting her kid watch her time on reality TV. She is aware that one day she will have to explain this to her unborn child, which only makes her want to keep their life more private.

Kate Expects Captain Lee & Mary Anne To Be Additional Grandparents

Captain Lee and Kate have a special relationship, and he was one of the first people to know her exciting news. Speaking with ET, Kate recounted her calling Lee, asking him to call her back when he was alone. Captain Lee was over the moon for Kate, but has been just as tight-lipped about giving away details. She went on the express that she expects Lee and Mary Anne Rosbach to be additional grandparents for her little one, but made it clear that Lee will not do diapers. Babysitting is still in the cards, and there is no doubt Lee and Mary Anne will spoil the bundle of joy.

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Kate Knows The Baby’s Gender

Kate also expressed that her pregnancy has been quite easy compared to most. She said she cannot wait to welcome a mini Kate Chastain in May 2023, and joked that she is excited to be able to drink martinis again. Kate went on to say that while she would love to tell Below Deck fans how it happened and who her baby daddy is, but she wants to respect her child, expressing it is not her information to share.

While fans are eager to get the scoop, Kate wants to protect her unborn child and their business. Kate also knows if she is having a boy or girl, but she is keeping it private for now. Kate also stated she will be flooding her social media with pictures of her cute baby and won’t be that mom that hides her child’s face.

Kate’s decade plus of yachting experience will come in handy when raising her baby, but it seems she has no plans for her child to follow in her footsteps. While Below Deck fans are dying to know more details surrounding her pregnancy, it is clear that Kate wants her child to be left out of the spotlight. Kate has will not be pushing her child into the yachting world, but Below Deck still could get a new chief stew one day.

Source: ET online, Kate Chastain/Instagram

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