Bake Off: Who Are Chantelle And Kasia? Age, Last Name

Chantelle and Kasia were the Bake Off: The Professionals 2023 contestants who wanted to make history as the first all-female winning team.

Get to know them better as this article proceeds.

Chantelle And Kasia On Bake Off: The Professionals 2023

Channel 4’s Bake Off: The Professionals 2023 is here, and once again, the show’s judged by Benoit Blin and Cherish Finden. Likewise, Liam Charles and a not-so-new face Ellie Taylor were this season’s hosts as well.

Chantelle and Kasia, one pair of the contenders this season, were team captains who hailed from the 5-star hotel Glenapp Castle in Ayrshire. They believed that their combined experiences will help them to take the top spot in this year’s competition and emerge as the first all-female winning team of the show.

“Chantelle landed in Ayrshire after spending time honing her craft alongside Gary Rhodes OBE, on cruise ships and in exotic destinations such as Antigua, Seychelles, Casablanca, and St Lucia. It was in the cooler climates of Scotland that she met teammate and avid cyclist Kasia,” their official Bake Off bio read.

Other contestants joining Chantelle And Kasia were:

Andrew and Raf from Harwoods Patisserie. The former was a volunteer firefighter who started Harwoods Patisserie in 2020 after a 15-year career in kitchens, while the latte first began his career at London’s The Wolseley restaurant.

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Annie and Subin from The Dorchester. They were co-workers who only met a year before at London’s The Dorchester Hotel.

Caroline and Martin from Bisous Bisous. Caroline is a keen yogi who loved making her own clothes from scratch and has over 10 years of experience at establishments such as La Pâtisserie des Rêves by Phillippe Conticini, Roland Garros, Balthazar, The Soho Hotel and The Beaumont Hotel. On the other hand, her friend Martin is relatively new to the world of baking — swapping his life in finance for the kitchen during the Covid pandemic.

Mustapha and Tracy: A Taekwondo black belt and demi chef de partie/previous aeronautical student, respectively.

Margo and Ally from Lexington Catering. Both are members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Martyn and Jenny: Martyn, who has a 15-year career in the hospitality industry, hired Jenny to be his pastry commis chef.

Mauro and Daniel: They met at the 5-star hotel The Landmark London.

Naira and Andrea: First met while the latter attended one of Naira’s baking courses. They now each run their own independent specialist cake businesses from home

Mayank and Dharma: Friends from India and Nepal.

Nicoletta and Georgina: Nicoletta has trained in her country’s finest pâtisserie schools and has worked at 5-star establishments. In contrast, Georgina comes from five generations of farmers with no experience whatsoever.

Chantelle And Kasia Career

Chantelle And Kasia both worked in the 5-star hotel Glenapp Castle in Ayrshire.

“As you sweep up the long tree-clad drive you will glimpse the beautiful façade of Glenapp Castle; encapsulating the romance of the Scottish Baronial style with magical towers, turrets, and crenellations. Once inside our luxury 5-star castle hotel, a world of Victorian splendor is yours,” the hotel’s bio read.

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In case you’re interested the castle and surrounding estate have a rich history. The Glenapp Estate was already well established under the ownership of the Earl of Orkney when the industrialist, James Hunter (later to become the Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Ayrshire), acquired it and commissioned in 1870 the celebrated Edinburgh architect, David Bryce, to design a suitably magnificent home for him. In 1917 the castle then passed to James Lyle Mackay, the son of a wealthy shipmaster, before he was tragically upstaged by his daughter Elsie. In 1928, she even set out to cross the Atlantic in a single-engine monoplane and was never seen again.

As for their education, while we don’t know about Chantelle, Kasia attended West Lothian College, Pomeranian University Słupsk, and 4th Secondary School.

Besides being professional chefs, now Chantelle And Kasia are both reality stars, thanks to their participation in the Bake Off: The Professionals 2023.

For those who missed the first week of the show, here’s a recap. The teams of professional cooks were asked to make 36 opera aux fruits and a chocolate “amenity” and then a reimagining of the banoffee pie. Unfortunately, Martyn and Jenny’s cake was a disaster and they were sent home. On the contrary, Andrew and Raf slayed the competition and came on top.

Chantelle And Kasia Age

The Bake Off star, Chantelle And Kasia didn’t reveal their age.

Chantelle And Kasia Last Name

Chantelle’s last name is Louth, while Kasia’s last name is Kowalska.

Chantelle And Kasia Married

Chantelle didn’t reveal her marital status. But Kasia was open about her marriage with her loving husband of over 17 years.

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Kasia was last spotted with her husband on his FB in July 2022 — on their 16th wedding anniversary.

  • Where Are Chantelle And Kasia From?

Chantelle is from Scotland, while Kasia hails from Poland.

Some of Kasia’s family members include AP Louth (from Lincoln, Lincolnshire) and Mary Louth.

  • Are Chantelle And Kasia On Instagram?

We couldn’t find them on Instagram. But here are their Facebook profiles @chan.lou.1983 and @KasiaKowalska respectively.

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