ATEEZ Has Released A Preview For Their New Comeback Title Track HALAZIA

SPIN OFF: FROM THE WITNESS, ATEEZ’s long-awaited comeback, has released teaser images for the title single, HALAZIA, and the cinematic experience it offers is delighting fans. The growing excitement and anticipation for ATEEZ’s next album increased further after the release of the trailer on December 27, 2022. The official music video of the exciting track and accompanying album, SPIN OFF: FROM THE WITNESS, to be released on December 30, 2022 at 14:00 KST.

Fans eagerly awaiting its release can’t help but check out the trailer for any indication of the album’s contents. Less than two days before the release, many people have started planning to show their love and support to their loved ones.

[🎬] ATEEZ(에이티즈) – Official MV teaser of ‘HALAZIA’ 1 door #HALAZIA #ATEEZ #에이티즈

— ATEEZ(에이티즈) (@ATEEZofficial) December 28, 2022

“I can’t wait any longer,” the fan said in response to ATEEZ’s upcoming music video and HALAZIA teaser image.

ATEEZ, known for their catchy and creative album concept, is back with another concept that has many layers of meaning. With each comeback, ATINY (ATEEZ’s fan base) anxiously awaits their constantly replenished storytelling ideas, which will become more relevant with each album release. With the HALAZIA teaser image, ATEEZ’s dark, emotional and apocalyptic look is amplified. The group wore bright post-apocalyptic clothing, including similar track pants with lots of white stripes.

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Fans wonder what this means, with flames burning and street speakers in the background. Immediately after the teaser image was released, ATINYs took to Twitter to share their feelings, predictions, and views.

ATEEZ SPIN OFF: BY WITNESS Latest Return – Album info, concept art and more

KQ Entertainment announced on December 13, 2022 that the eight-member K-pop boy band will be returning with the release of a full-length album, SPIN OFF: FROM THE WITNESS, including the title single HALAZIA. Many fans were stunned by this revelation, as the trio recently released their third Japanese mini-album, THE WORLD EP. MODEL. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the release since it was announced. The physical profile will be available in three versions: A, Z and WITNESS, with the latter being a limited edition. Versions A and Z will incorporate ATEEZ’s album ideas, both with traditional album entities like photo tags, microdiscs, polaroids, stickers, album covers, etc.


The original concept for the album SPIN OFF: FROM THE WITNESS was similar to the teaser image for HALAZIA, with them wearing matching hoodies and close-ups of their faces. Another idea concerns the variation where each member is placed in different environments and aesthetics, drawing viewers more into the originality of the concept photos. The final idea decorates them in a moderately royal setting with colorful surroundings, while preserving their dated aesthetic.

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