Angry Birds 2 MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money, energy) 3.10.0

APK information of Angry Birds 2 MOD

  • V1: menu, infinite money, life/point multiplier
  • V2: Unlimited Money
  • V3: menu, infinite money, energy

Angry Birds 2 continues the war between birds and green pigs. The Pig Chef and the Pig King are two pigs that have stolen the eggs. But as soon as the operation is discovered, the birds chase the balloon to rescue Bruce, the bomb, Mytilda… The slingshot attack begins, and you need to collect the key in the attack. labour. Aim precisely to knock down the whole pig and get the highest score. Make sure not to miss any enemies and kill all the pigs in sight, this is the minimum requirement for Angry Birds 2. 3 stars per level is the absolute number of points you can achieve, work hard. .

Angry Birds 2 is where the war between birds and pigs never ends. What the pigs did to the birds could not escape the hatred of the birds. Wherever there are pigs, you have immediate control over the destruction of any erected structures. There’s always a hot spot to smash everything with a slingshot pull. You have to find that location and finish the pig.

Download Angry Birds 2 MOD – The Fight Continues

Unlock the birdcage to fight. You cannot use the entire character freely like in previous versions. Collect all the birds and you will have a team of strong and brave warriors. With more than 1600 levels, you will not be able to overcome all the challenges that Angry Birds 2 offers. Winning pigs isn’t always easy. Sometimes you also have to stop the game to hear their arrogant laughter. Not only that, in the game Angry Birds 2 there are many different battle modes for players to choose from. Obviously such variety is necessary and players will never get bored if playing only one type.

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different fighting styles

There are many kinds of challenges like the number of levels in Angry Birds 2. Bubble Adventure, Noisy Row, Hat Peddler, Big Adventure… need to be unlocked to pass the existing scenario. Angry Birds 2 requires players to spend enough time to conquer. Do you want to avenge the poor bird here? There are many quests for each player, but you can join when you reach each level. It’s like a condition for those who are really capable of fighting through difficult levels.

Angry birds 2 mod apk

bird unlock

Red’s Wardrobe, Terence’s Wardrobe… these are some of the characters that will accompany you in the first levels. To get the bird like that, the player first needs to collect the key. Money is not everything in Angry Birds 2, you need to be good enough to get good items.

graphics and sound

Angry Birds 2 is always a game that is heavily invested in images and sound. Players can easily feel the fun atmosphere in the game from the first minutes. Although the story of the battle is rooted in the hatred between birds and pigs, the player does not feel pressured by it. You just need to focus on getting revenge for your bird.

Download Angry Birds 2 mod

Angry Birds 2 also has a hat shop with legendary, exotic, magical, rare, uncommon and common. Unlock your bird’s clothes, change its appearance and strength to fight better. Download Angry Birds 2 MOD APK to avenge the bird’s life before the pig’s crime.

Download Angry Birds 2 MOD APK for Android (Menu, Unlimited Money, Energy)

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