A touching scene. The man took off his shirt and gave it to a shaking wild dog

It was a rather cold day. The cold and shivering dog sat on the ground in a hopeless state.

It happened at the train station. Two brothers were standing in line when they saw a desperate dog. Felipe behaved very kindly and generously.

While Fernando Gabriel was trying to buy a ticket, Felipe took off his shirt and covered the dog with a coat. This gesture brought everyone to tears.

The scene was emotional. The dog feels a little hot. The man didn’t think he would get caught, he just did his best.

Moments later, the man and his brother returned to see if the dog was there. They want to adopt a dog.

But he wasn’t there. Someone took the dog. They are happy that the dog will not suffer from the cold. Humanity still exists and these creatures in need of help will not be overlooked.

Here is a video of this man’s act of kindness:

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