A stunning optical illusion reveals a lot about your personality, so are you patient or needy?

DO YOU THINK you have the patience of a saint? Or are you on the needier side of things?

This clever optical illusion can reveal that and much more about your hidden personality traits, but it all depends on what you spot first.


A clever illusion can reveal whether you are more patient or greedy Credit: TikTok/@charlesmeriot

The illusion, posted by Charles Meriot on TikTok, shows a floral scene with curly flowers ready to bloom.

But some people don’t see the flowers at first and notice the hidden face formed by the spring bloom.

What did you see?

According to Charles, both reveal something very different about your deepest self.

“If you saw flowers, it means you get bored quickly,” he explained.

This leaves you constantly craving social interaction or something to occupy your mind.

If you belong to the group of people who first saw the hidden face, you are an incredibly patient person.

Charles explained, “If you saw the face first, it means you’re very detail-oriented.

“You appreciate beautiful things and you know that patience is the key to success.”

Other TikTok users loved how accurately the illusion revealed their personality traits.

One raved: “Flowers, and yes, my mind can’t be left alone, it must always be busy.”

Another wrote: “Flowers and I get bored very easily.”

“You’re always right,” another commented.

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