A priest takes a photo while celebrating Mass with a sick puppy on his lap

When our four-legged friends are sick or living their last days, we feel sad and hopeless as if we were worrying about a longtime friend.

Unfortunately, it’s never easy to say goodbye to someone, even to your dog. What you’re trying to do in any case is still try to comfort the animal as much as possible, especially if it’s already reached the end of the run.

While it can be difficult to reconcile some personal situations, such as business commitments, with a suffering animal, we always try to do what we can.

These are exactly the reasons that prompted the priest, whose photo began to go viral on Twitter, to attend Mass with the sick dog in his lap.

The priest apologized to the faithful, but he also told them that he could not leave a creature as sick and helpless as his little dog. “If I leave him alone, he will be sad and cry,” the priest said apologetically during Mass.

It was certainly a gesture of immense love for his pet, but despite it all, the photo generated countless negative comments. The young woman who posted the photo on Twitter, namely, was forced to delete it precisely because comments, both negative and positive, began to accumulate.

Among the most critical were those who commented: “He must have forgotten to celebrate Mass so he didn’t go to the park!”. Apparently, the most scathing critics consider the dog’s presence an act of disrespect.

But what’s wrong with comforting a dying animal? A priest is not prohibited from celebrating Mass or playing his part just because he has a small dog in his lap.

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