90 Day Fiancé: Why Veronica & Jamal’s Romance May Be A Publicity Stunt

90 Day Fiances actors Veronica Rodriguez and Jamal Menzies may be lying about their plight to get more leverage from The Single Life fans.

It’s been a long time since Jamal Menzies was revealed to be his son fiance 90 days Love co-star Veronica Rodriguez, but fans have a lot of questions about the alleged relationship. 37-year-old single mom Veronica is part of the TLC show with a supporting role for old friend Tim Malcolm Fiancé 90 Days: 90 days ago The plot of Season 3. Since then, Veronica has received so much love from fans that she has had her own breakthrough. 90 Days: Single Life Season 3. Veronica may still need to go public, or the relationship could be a tactic for Jamal to gain more influence with the team.

Veronica was dating a financier named Grant Glaser when fans 90 days naked Farewell to Tim in March 2021. Details of her breakup are not in 90 days: Single life. This time, Veronica is very serious about finding a husband. She was briefly married to her daughter Chloe’s biological father before he betrayed her, and she has been with Tim for more than seven years since. In the storyline when Jamal’s mother, Kim Menzies, is with Usman Omar aka “Sojaboy”, fans are not told about Jamal’s personal life. There have been questions about whether Jamal is gay and some fans are too enamored with Jamal to care. However, the appearance of Jamal Tell-All showed an unfamiliar side of him to fans.

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Star Jamal 90-day fiance is not Veronica’s desired partner

If it’s Jamal’s new personality that terrifies fans, Veronica’s change of life goal list is a hard pill to swallow. Veronica is ten years older than Jamal, can’t date, and Jamal isn’t someone who wants to be exclusive. They live on opposite ends of the country, and when her ex Justin suggested she move, Veronica was against the move. Justin wanted a relationship with Veronica, but after seeing him on Tell-All before, Veronica dumped him and tried a relationship with 27-year-old Jamal instead. On the other hand, Veronica is stubborn about her decisions, but this contradictory behavior she displays makes her seem like a hypocrite who will go through no means to stay on TV.

90-day fiancé fans want Jamal to live a single life

Because Jamal is known to be Kim’s sensitive son fiance 90 days, fans want to see more of him. TLC first invited Jamal to Pillow Talk with Kim, where he was greeted by fans. Some of Jamal’s fans have offered to invite him to join single life, and the network heard their prayers just to give Jamal an impressive entrance. Although the plan backsfires due to Jamal’s rude personality leaving everyone feeling thirsty, Jamal remains the talk of the town from the moment his hands appear in the trailer until the official announcement. become Veronica’s assistant. fiance 90 days Actor Jamal might want to play this game while pretending to play with Veronica’s feelings.

90 Day stars Fiancee Jamal and Veronica are following the script

90-day fiance Jamal Menzies and Veronica Rodriguez

The situation of Jamal and Veronica can be described as transient. Even though they’re a couple, they don’t need to share the news on Tell-All because they’re not sure where the relationship will go. But after smelling their meeting, fiance 90 days Producers could let Veronica and Jamal talk about it on TV in exchange for more money. Arranging a meeting between Jamal and Veronica in the first place could well be the brainchild of TLC, as her own backstory is single life I am bored. Fans followed TLC to see who Veronica’s new boyfriend is. In the end, both she and Jamal got the publicity they wanted and they’ll most likely return in the side story. 90 days: this single life Part 4, 2023.

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