6 MCU Spider-Man Replacements That Already Exist & Have Been Setup

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is one of the most popular heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Marvel has compiled a list of candidates who could replace the hero if needed. Holland made his debut as Spider-Man in 2016 Captain America: Civil WarThe actor has appeared in the MCU since then, appearing in seven Spider-Man films. Dutch trio final, Spider-Man: No Place To Returnused the multiverse to introduce Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s version of Spider-Man to create a generational event.

The following Spider-Man: No Place To ReturnIn the end, Peter Parker is left alone, Aunt May is dead and no one remembers who he is. This is the setting of the Netherlands Spiderman 4 Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has stated that the story is already set. And single chip microcomputer Spiderman 4 As it turns out, that hardly ever happens. Marvel Studios and Sony split in 2019 after failing to renegotiate the terms of a Spider-Man sharing agreement. After public backlash — and Holland even phoning Disney CEO Bob Iger — the two studios found common ground and Spider-Man was kept in the MCU. Marvel now has the ability to replace Spider-Man as a backup plan.

Miss Marvel

Iman Vellani to debut as Kamala Khan on Disney+ Miss Marvel series. The character can take on the role of Spider-Man as the young superhero of the MCU. When Dutch Spider-Man Debuts Captain America: Civil War, he’s obviously a fan of other MCU heroes. Peter Parker was clearly overpowered by Tony Stark before being invited to join his team to fight Captain America. During the movie’s airport battle, Spider-Man constantly brags about the other heroes’ amazing abilities and expresses his admiration for Captain America.

Peter Parker of the Netherlands can participate Spiderman 4and more mature story should be told after the movie Spider-Man: No Place To ReturnIn the finale, Kamala Khan emerged as the perfect replacement for the MCU’s hottest, youngest hero. Miss Marvel Showing just how much of a superhero fan Kamala really is, the series shows how her imagination continues to wander to other MCU heroes. This young lady finally got a chance to meet her idol, Captain Marvel, in November MiracleThe only difference between Kamala and Peter is the strength of Ms. Marvel is essentially a universe.

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Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop in Hawkeye and the Young Avengers

Although the cosmic setting of Ms. Marvel in the MCU might make her follow a different trajectory than Peter, but another young MCU hero might act like Kamala, but in keeping with Spider-Man’s antics on Earth. That hero is Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop, MCU’s new Hawkeye.disney+ Eagle Eye The series shows how Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton became an inspiration for Kate to learn archery after watching him perform. The AvengersBattle of New York. Kate’s appreciation for Clint and the Avengers helped her take on the role of Spider-Man in the MCU, and the new Hawkeye also shares Peter Parker’s street adventures, where she confronts the film’s protagonist. .


Daredevil in the MCU

Charlie Cox returns as Daredevil Spider-Man: No Place To Return, his first appearance in the MCU, including his role as Peter Parker’s attorney. The Daredevil-Spider-Man connection has been established in the MCU, though they’ve only met Matt Murdock and Peter Parker so far. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has confirmed that Spider-Man and Daredevil will lead the MCU’s street heroes, and the two will be in the spotlight. Given their importance to the MCU’s street corners and Cox’s continued statements that he wants to join Holland in the next Spider-Man movie, it’s likely these characters will be closely linked. together in the future of the MCU.

Daredevil is the perfect replacement for Spider-Man in the MCU should the Marvel-Sony deal fall apart again, or if Holland decides to step down from the role. The hero has become a fan favorite thanks to Cox’s stellar performance over three seasons on Netflix. reckless series. Further proof of Murdoch’s importance is the fact that Cox will lead the MCU’s biggest Disney+ series to date next year. Daredevil: Reincarnation The series received a large number of orders for 18 episodes. Daredevil lives with Spider-Man at his home in New York City, and the character can take on the role of Spider-Man if the situation calls for it.

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steel heart

Dominic Thorne plays Leary Williams, aka Heart of Steel, in 'Wakanda Forever'

Dominic Thorne’s Riley Williams could replace Spider-Man in a more specific role. Riri is the MCU’s de facto Iron Man heir, with Ironheart soaring into the sky in armor reminiscent of Tony Stark’s adventures in the MCU. Holland’s Peter Parker spends most of his time in the MCU under Stark’s shadow, led by the hero or even after Stark’s death in Avengers: Game over.

Riri Williams, nicknamed the Iron Heart, fights crime in armor and possesses genius-level intellectual property, proving she is the ideal successor to Stark. Although Holland has long assumed the role of Spider-Man, the presence of Iron Heart has taken on the role of the “new Iron Man” in the MCU, making Spider-Man more suitable for the image in the comics. A direct connection that has been established between her and Stark is likely to be discussed in steel heart Streaming series.

Miles Morales

Mile Morale in Spider-Man belongs to Spider-Man and Young Avengers

Miles Morales is the only hero who can completely replace Peter when taking on the role of Spider-Man in the MCU. Miles is both the successor and companion of Peter in the comics. This character became famous thanks to the animation spider fishing movie franchise. Spider-Man: Entering the Spider-Man Universe Seeing Miles become Spider-Man in his universe after Peter Parker’s death brings back memories of the character’s comic book origins. With Miles’ popularity at an all-time high, it’s likely the character will be introduced in future MCUs, either as Holland’s replacement or as his Spider-Man sidekick.

The Netherlands is rumored to be in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, it is rumored that the actor will appear when Miles visits the live-action space in the sequel. If that happens, it could be a way for the actor to play Miles in live-action, with the universe Holland occupies in the films as the MCU. If it doesn’t work out, the MCU has already hinted at Miles’ future appearance. Donald Glover plays Aaron Davis in Holland’s film Spider-Man: Back homethe character mentions his nephew Miles, confirming that a future Spider-Man exists in the MCU.

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New Star in Marvel Comics Guardians of the Galaxy

Nova closes the list of people who can replace Spider-Man in the MCU. With a Nova series of movies said to be in the works, the heroic version of Richard Knight is a strong contender for the role of Spider-Man in the MCU. Rider’s personality matches Peter’s in a number of key ways, with both characters having to deal with self-esteem issues and struggling to prove their worth to themselves and others. Rider also transformed into Nova when he was a teenager, just like Peter turned into Spider-Man. The character also has to face his own personal tragedy, being the only surviving member of the Nova Corps, making him a good replacement for Spider-Man, who already knows his tragedies well. .

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