. This is why many countries try to increase tourism in their country from time to time, because foreign tourists have already visited the country. इससे स्तर स्थानीय स्थानीय बढ़ने रोजगार सा थ साथ साथ विदे विदे का लेनदेन होता है है जो कि कि कि कि स स है है ।।। ।।। ।।। ।।। ।।। ا پیدیمی ا ای ا ای ای ای, های, اب کار ار ادی ار انی لگی . May 2022 62 hours At the same time, tourism accounts for 6.23% of India’s gross domestic product (GDP). The highest value is 8.7 percent. . भारत में देशी सैलानियों के अलावा है अलाग ग देशिन सो जर्ष्टे के है।। However, please let me know that there are some places in India where some people will be banned.

A barren island

बैरेन एल्डान , जो की He did it. It lies between active tectonic plates. इस आयैल्ड , ले He did it to him.


Pangong Tso, Ladakhi

Pengong is a beautiful lake. This lake is known for its stunning views. At the same time, the filming of Bollywood movies near this lake. नीले आसमान He did it. Part of it is disputed, however, near the Chinese border. आशे में He did.

Lakshadweep Islands

लक्ष्द्वीप में , ज िंची Page 35 of 35 अग्य अने , कुवार्त्त ी, अगाती, मिनिकोय This is one of the best. அயை அல்கு He said. So. अशी में He is one of them.


North Sentinel Island

North Sentinel Island This is one of the most unique places in India. इस आयल्डान He said. , .

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Reader: In India, there is a lake formed by a meteorite, it takes 52,000 years to form a lake

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