10 Movies & TV Shows Jenna Fischer Has Done Since The Office Ended

Jenna Fischer plays the undeniably Pam Beesly in officeFans of the show became obsessed with Pam and Jim’s ongoing relationship and cheered them on for nine seasons. office Towards the end of 2013, Fischer continued to act and distance herself from the characters she knew.

these days, office fans know the fisherman and her office Co-star Angela Kinsey is currently doing a show called office sisters, But that’s not all Fischer has done since she was office sky. To see where you can see Jenn Fischer on the screen, keep scrolling!

Drunk History (2016)

drunken history is a great show about real events in history, narrated by famous comedians or actors. Or even better, storytellers of historical moments while drinking and passionately recounting their versions. During the narration, the whole story is portrayed by famous actors and guests.

In 2016, Jenna Fisher starred in Siblings. Play as Katharine Wright, the sister of the Wright brothers who created the first usable airplane.

Farewell (2018)

Jenna Fischer and Oliver Hudson break up

Produced by Ellen DeGeneres, farewell Fisher plays Lena and Oliver Hudson plays Martin, her husband. In the episode, the couple with three children decided it was best to file for divorce. To make everyone involved feel comfortable, the couple takes time each week to spend time with their children.

One person lives in the house to take care of the children and the other lives in the apartment in the back, and they get “off work” for the week. The series is very well done and a unique concept, but it only lasted two seasons.

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Brad’s Identity (2017)

Brad’s status The film is about a man who begins to think too much about his life options after his son starts college. As Brad ponders the lives of his best friends, he can’t help but compare his life with theirs and wonder what he did wrong. In the film, Jenna Fischer plays Melanie, the wife of Ben Stiller. She loves her husband even though he questions almost everything.

The comedy was hit the festival stage ahead of its studio release.

You, Me, and Doomsday (2015)

you, me and the apocalypse is another comedy TV show released in 2015. Starring Rob Lowe, Matthew Bainton and Jenna Fischer, the show focuses on a comet heading straight for Earth. According to their number of days, viewers will see how different characters deal with their final moments.

Jenna Fischer plays Rhonda, jailed for a crime she didn’t commit to save her son. Despite an interesting synopsis, the show was not approved for a second season (despite an 83% rating). Rotten tomatoes! ).

Are you there (2013)

you are here

you are here Starring big names like Owen Wilson, Amy Poehler and Zach Galifianakis. The film revolves around the death of Ben’s father (Galifianakis), who needs the support of his best friend Steve (Wilson). The duo attends Ben’s father’s funeral and discovers that he left behind millions of dollars, and then some. Of course, drama ensues, as Ben’s aunt believes that Ben doesn’t have the right mind to inherit such a large fortune. In the end, Ben has to see a therapist (Fisher) to see if he’s really healthy.

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Fischer’s role was secondary, and sadly, the film performed poorly at the box office.

Kiss Me (2014)

kiss Me is a romantic drama that revolves around two teenage girls with very different problems. Due to physical and emotional problems, the two become close and suddenly become dependent on each other. However, things got messy. Fischer’s character marries a man who has an affair with their nanny, forcing her to fire the nanny and deal with her marital problems. This movie is rated 5.5 International Film Database.

News Readers (2015)

like office After it ended, Jenna Fischer jumped on the show news readers. The comedy series premiered on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim and ran for two seasons. Jenna Fischer is not the star of the series, but she does appear in one episode (“The FMK Killer”) as Kelly Spears. In this episode, we interview the notorious serial killer.

Lara Croft (2016)

Lara Croft Deborah Messing plays Detective Laura Diamond. This family drama sees Laura trying to thrive at work as a man about to get divorced whose ex-husband (Jack) happens to be her boss.

Jenna Fischer appeared in the second season of the series as Jennifer Lambert. Lambert is Jack’s new love, also a prosecutor. In a wild twist, Laura decides she wants a second chance with Jack, but he and Jennifer get engaged again at the end of season two.

Notebook (2017)

guestbook It was a TV series that lasted two seasons. The series revolves around the lives of people who run vacation rentals and what happens to their guests. Jenna Fischer played Dr. Laurie Galiff in two episodes. In the episode, Laurie takes her patient Edgar to the chalet where she is treating him for Alzheimer’s. She soon learns more about his life and previous experiences, and uncovers disturbing facts about some of the patients she works closely with.

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15:17 to Paris (2018)

15:17 arrive in Paris Directed by acclaimed actor and director Clint Eastwood. The film is based on the true event when three Americans travel across Europe to Paris to stop a catastrophic terrorist plot. Thanks to their bravery, they saved hundreds of passengers who were also on the train. In the film, Fischer plays Heidi Skarlatos, Alec’s mother; One of the American heroes who saved the world. Film reached 5.2 movie database It has grossed over 57 million at the box office.

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