Zombie Combat Simulator MOD APK (Menu/Free shopping/Unlimited ammo) 1.4.8

Zombie Battle Simulator MOD APK Info

  • V1: menu/free shopping, unlimited amo.
  • V2: Free shopping, unlimited money
  • V3: Stupid Enemies.

Zombies have long been the scariest plague in zombie battle simulator. To be able to quell this pandemic, only you can. Use your will to survive to become humanity’s last hope. Equip yourself with the most powerful weapons to protect yourself from threats. Kill all the deadliest zombies so they don’t harm anyone around. The only way to guarantee life is to be quick. The enemy, no matter how dangerous, cannot surpass a human.

Zombie Combat Simulator is a sandbox simulation game with a lot of attractive content. It allows players to easily customize the gameplay to their liking. Although the 3D graphics are not excellent, it makes for a pretty enjoyable experience. Help us play for hours without getting bored. Play unlimitedly in plain sight, as you please. Happiness will come from what you want and need to achieve your goals. Have fun and make your time productive.

Download mod Zombie Combat Simulator – fight hordes of aggressive zombies

You will be a soldier in this war and fight against the undead. You can quickly launch the game to make selections as needed. These options include characters, equipment, trades, and more. After that, you will begin your campaign to destroy the undead. You must move the surface to the specified location to complete the task. While driving, you also have to destroy the zombies that appear. Secure the successful facilitation to move to the next location. Remember that hits to the head do more damage than hits from the bottom, and you need to exploit this weakness.

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Free zombie battle simulator mod

Multiple battle maps

Your campaign will take place on various maps around the world. Each map is an extremely difficult task and has a lot in common. Players will need to go through dangerous places where many zombies are waiting. Build strong defenses to repel enemies. Only by temporarily killing the zombies can you continue walking. The surrounding scenery will be especially dilapidated and gloomy like in the movie. Every time a zombie appears, the player can feel excitement and fear. See how many zombies you can kill at once when they attack.

weapon selection

Fighting the undead requires the use of weapons to defeat them. So better start your journey with guns and ammo ready. The interesting thing is that no matter how much you shoot, your gun never runs out of ammo. After the magazine is fired, it needs to be reloaded to continue fighting. While shooting, the player also needs to move to avoid being dangerously close to the undead. When hit, zombies are slowed down a lot and are almost unable to move. Pistols, rifles, flamethrowers, scopes are all great weapons. Master these weapons on the battlefield and help your teammates escape the encirclement.

zombie battle simulator mod apk

multiplayer game

This is a game that allows you to quickly recruit other teammates. Players will create rooms using a sandbox approach with many interesting customizations. From choosing difficulty, targeting weapons, to maps, I fight. The remaining players will fight according to the set rules. All will work together to wipe out as many undead as possible. The difficulty level is extremely challenging for your team. In order not to be overwhelmed by the undead, a certain strategy is required. Just keep playing and feel the irresistible attraction.

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android zombie battle simulator mod

undead species

Undead are humans horribly transformed by a strange virus. But this change is not uniform, and some individuals become dominant. They have evolved to have fearsome combat abilities, easily surpassing other humans. From the claws, fangs, body shape and even speed, they are all excellent. You will have to meet extremely dangerous bosses to reach the secret base. Take advantage of the weak points of each monster to defeat them easily. The Simulator mod will also give you many other challenges.

Download Zombie Battle Simulator MOD APK for Android (Menu/Free Shopping/Unlimited Ammo)

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