Zoey 101 Sequel Movie With Most Original Cast Returning Begins Filming

the next movie of the nick channel series Zoe101 Currently in production. The show originally ran for four seasons from 2005 to 2008, starring Britney Spears sister Jamie Lynn Spears as the title character Zoe Brooks. Zoe101 Follow the famous teenage girl as she enters Pacific Coast Academy, a prestigious boarding school formerly only for boys.

All durationONE Zoe101 The sequel to the movie is titled Zoe 102 in production so please help me Director Nancy Hall and All the things here Screenwriters Monica Schell and Madeleine Whitby. Production will premiere on Paramount+ (the streaming service behind the film) iCarly Series reboot, live-action Pretty Weird Parents: Pretty Weirdrand other revived Nickelodeon properties. The movie, which is slated for release in late 2023, will reunite the original wedding cast including Zoe, Quinn Penski (Erin Sanders), Chase Matthews (Sean Flynn), Logan Reese (Matthew Underwood), Michael Barrett ( Christopher Macy), Stacey Dillson (Abby Wilde) and Mark Del Figaro (Jack Salvador).

What will the movie Zoey 101 be about?

Although there are no more details about the plot Zoe101 With the sequel so far, one big question remains: Who will get married? Fans may have been hoping that the wedding would take place between Zoe and her longtime lover Chase, with whom she eventually reunited in the series finale after breaking up with James, who led by recent Golden Globe winner played by Austin Butler. However, it may be too easy to reveal that the pair are getting married, as the plot of the film will likely be Zoe’s rekindled romance with Chase after a long separation. Most likely, Zoe will marry into a new role that she realizes isn’t right for her. Or she will be a single person in her thirties, attending the wedding of one of their mutual friends. Maybe Quinn and Logan will finally get married after becoming a surprising couple. Zoe101.

An interesting fact about this follow-up Zoe101 In fact, the synopsis doesn’t mention any characters having children. Usually, reboots of classic teen drama series like girl meets the world, House of Crowsor Netflix coming soon That show from the 90s Children tend to follow the role of adults and let them pass power to a new generation. That doesn’t seem to be the case here. While the synopsis doesn’t rule out any characters having their own children, it looks like the returning cast will be the main characters in a similar way to iCarly A reboot of the series, the main focus of the plot is to follow their lives after graduating from PCA.

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What the cast plan to do after ‘Zoey 101’ airs

Zoey 101 cast posing next to the show's logo

Spears is currently best known for her public feud with her sister during the recent dispute over her father’s custody of Britney Spears, which ended after a lengthy legal battle. However, she has also been spotted playing the role of Noreen Fitzgibbons in the Netflix series Sweet magnoliaBased on the novel of the same name by Shirley Woods. Although this is the most important role in the comeback Zoe101 Both alumni have been involved in various film and television projects since 2008. Most of them met in 2020 in the “Follow Me” music video, their first reunion in a decade. . The show’s theme song was sung by Spears and Chantel Jeffries.

Source: Deadline

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