Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom’s Time Travel Theory Makes More Sense Now

The latest trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom provides further evidence supporting the theory that the game will feature time travel.

With the release of the latest trailer The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdoma popular theory of time travel has gained new life. Some Legend of Zelda fans thought totek Use time travel as an important game mechanic and plot device. The latest trailer for the upcoming sequel now provides a more solid basis for that possibility.

An age-old theory about kingdom tears Hints that time travel will play an important role. Of course, time travel is used in different ways around the world Legend of Zelda Franchise as an important game mechanic like Majora’s Mask or Oracle of the Ages. in the trailer kingdom tearsLinks can now be seen when reversing rock formations caused by sky reversals, as well as being visible to other objects. Some people think this is the next application of time travel Legend of Zelda franchise, rewind the movement of different objects through time and space.

The abundant Zonai ruins in TOTK may indicate time travel

Using what appears to be a link to a custom vehicle in Tears of Zelda

Zonai-style dragon head designs appear a lot in Link’s new weapons and vehicles, especially in totekThe latest trailer also begins to demonstrate the idea of ​​a larger example of time travel. With the extinction of the Zonai BOTWthe question is how did Link get so much of what appears to be their technology. One explanation is that Link can actually go back to a long time ago BOTW, at a time when Zonai was still in existence. This would also explain a glimpse of Link with a different hairstyle and outfit, new compared to this more primitive era.

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A large statue is seen in the jungle in Breath of the Wild, one of many relics of the ancient Zonai tribe.

The Zonai tribe is one of the greatest mysteries Breath of the WildThe Zonai was an ancient warlike civilization that inhabited Faron and is often associated with the great Lomei labyrinths, as their barbaric armories can be found at the center of each. Furthermore, the fact that the labyrinth conceals the shrine of Sheka shows that there is a connection between the two tribes. kingdom tears, Zonei became more prominent. If this hypothesis is correct, Zuo Nairen himself may also appear; For example, the mysterious character in the latest trailer could be related to the tribe.

Intro kingdom tears Create as many mysteries as they answer. What Zonai is all about is an interesting detail, obviously important but ultimately still unclear. Another possibility is time travel. As evidence emerges, it’s increasingly likely that this classic Zelda mechanic will show up and possibly have something to do with the Horde. In addition to reversing the motion of objects, Link can also travel back to Zona’s time and even witness a ganon disaster. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. In the end, only time will tell how Link’s next adventure will unfold.

Source: Nintendo of America/YouTube

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