You’ve got the eyes of a hawk if you can spot a rogue animal among the sheep in this optical illusion video.

CAN you identify the sneaky animal hiding in this moving flock of sheep?

Not everything is what it seems, because the viewers were left with the question of where or what was this animal that was camouflaged among the sheep.


Matthias Goedeking didn’t know he was catching more than a flock of sheepCredit: Matthias Goedeking via Storyful

At first it looks like a moving mass of furry sheep, but if you look closely, there is some rogue animal lurking among them.

Looking closely, can you spot the hidden creature?

Matthias Goedeking was traveling on a remote stretch of road in southern Albania when he came across an incredible sight.

A German tourist pulled out his phone to capture the hilarious scene of his car trying to pass the animals, while his shepherd yells at them.

However, it was not only catching sheep on the move, there was also a cunning dog.

He had to do a double take when he saw a fluffy white dog happily walking into the pack pretending to be a sheep.

In another conundrum, other hawk-eyed viewers might spot a perfectly camouflaged leopard hiding in plain sight in this photo.

Or maybe you could see this dog hiding among these sheep in an image inspired by the movie Where’s Wally?

Snipers are known for their ability to hide in any terrain, but can you spot them in these photos released by the National Guard of Ukraine?

The Sun Online found a masked dog well hidden within the pack


The Sun Online found a well-hidden dog disguised as a pack Credit: Matthias Goedeking via StoryfulStained!  The cheeky dog ​​seems to think it's a sheep


Stained! Cheeky dog ​​seems to think it’s a sheep Credit: Matthias Goedeking via Storyful

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