You’ve got eyes of a hawk if you can spot the hidden bat in this ghoulishly tricky Halloween-themed brain teaser

DO you reckon you’ve got the eyes of a hawk and are extremely observant?

A ghoulishly trick brain teaser is challenging people to spot a bat which is hidden in a Halloween-themed puzzle.


You can find the missing bat in this Halloween-themed brain teaser?Credit:

You may have to look extremely closely, as the fanged creature is concealed among skulls, brooms and a number of ghosts.

There is certainly a lot going on in the colourful brain teaser, so you’ll need to look extremely closely at the picture.

The puzzle was created by Online Mortgage Advisor, who challenged people to see how quickly they can find the cheeky bat.

Don’t worry if you can’t spot the bat, as we’ll provide the solution below.

However, we do have a tip if you are struggling.

Try looking towards the bottom left hand side of the cartoon to help.

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Or how about this one: try to find four cats loitering around the tigers.

Did you manage to find the hidden bat?


Did you manage to find the hidden bat?Credit:

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