You’ll laugh at this cockatoo’s hilarious reaction to its own reflection

When you look this good, you have to look in the mirror more than once.

Meet one of the funniest and most confident cockatoos online, Harley, who just got good looks for the first time.

In this funny video shot by its owner Anja, the sassy bird reacts to its own reflection like any other confident bird – it reveals its inner self.

Like most of the videos on her YouTube channel (yes, Harley is awesome, she has her own!), this beautiful bird is mesmerized by the world around her.

As she laughs and spreads her feathers, Harley strudes around, looks in the mirror and does a few tricks and turns. Seduced by her fairy-tale beauty, Harley performed in front of the mirror and camera.

We can understand Harley’s fascination with her looks, because we can’t stop watching this video.

Check it out below.

To see more of Harley’s hilarious and cute antics, visit her YouTube channel.

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