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Kayna: The Bridge of Souls is one of the best Souls-like games out there, but somehow it still hits the mark. Blockbuster FromSoftware dark soul The series spawned countless imitators, creating the soul-like subgenre that is popular today. Features of the genre include combat that emphasizes position and player reflexes, RPG-like character stats customization, and of course tough battles against global bosses. power.

Many people have tried to imitate it, with varying degrees of success dark soul recipe. Some of the most famous Soulslike parodies are the big-budget AAA powerhouses, including Team Ninja’s Nioh series and its successor Crouching Dragon: Fall of Kingdom. Others are big name franchise relationships like Strangers from Heaven: Final Fantasy Origins or Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Command and its delayed sequel Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. This may be Ember Lab developer/publisher’s first game, but despite being a dark horse, Kayna: The Bridge of Souls Compete against any popular game like Souls.

Kena’s cartoon art style believes brutal difficulty

The second hardest Souls-like game is perhaps best known for creating a rich dark fantasy world. Kayna: The Bridge of Souls To show that the dark fantasy is not the dark. As Kena, the player will explore an abandoned village in search of a forgotten temple to restore its cursed forest. The environment is rendered in stunning detail, covered with lush foliage, roaring waterfalls, and glowing magical artifacts. Players can recruit small furry, big-eyed creatures called Rots to help in battle. Besides being cute, enemies are no joke, and kinaThe multi-stage boss battles offer an incredible challenge, especially on the main difficulty level. As with any Soulslike, the player must watch their HP when slashing kinamighty enemy.

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Kena’s unique features set it apart from other Souls-like games

Kena stands on a rock by the water, surrounded by Rots wearing various hats, looking up at the camera.

Kayna: The Bridge of Souls Break the frustrations of painful boss battles with some less common Soullikes mechanics. While Kena can only be equipped with one weapon – her staff – it is a versatile weapon that can be used as a melee weapon, a bow-like ranged weapon, or a catalyst. chanting spells. Unlike many games like Souls, platforming affects exploration kinaA colorful world; Players will have to double-jump through canyons, climb rough rocks and transform temporary platforms. Puzzles sometimes block the way, often requiring the player to spot and shoot at distant targets. Additional features, such as finding every hat for Kena’s Rot friends, are plentiful. kina It’s a varied experience, not just passing from one tough boss to another.

kina is a kind of soul altogether, but it’s not just a clone – it has an identity of its own. Its art style is not only cute but also memorable and unique, while the platforming and puzzle-solving components keep the game fresh and interesting. Kayna: The Bridge of Souls It might not get a lot of attention when it’s released in September 2021, but its premium Soulslike gameplay is now available on PS4, PS5, and Windows PCs.

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