You need sharp eyes to spot all the circles hidden in this mind-bending optical illusion in ten seconds

THIS mind-bending optical illusion challenges you to spot the hidden circles – but can you find them all in just ten seconds?

The hypnotising image has left the internet stumped as they try to locate the camouflaged shapes.


Can you spot the hidden circles in this optical illusion?

This illusion is named the “Coffer Illusion” and was created by a Stanford University psychologist in 2006.

A coffer is a decorative sunken panel used in architecture.

“First time viewers of this display invariable do not see the 16 circles segmented from the background,” wrote Anthony Norcia, who created the image.

“Rather, they see a series of rectangles that they frequently describe as ‘door panels’.”


The picture shows a mind-bending group of rectangles with a monochrome colour scheme.

It uses both horizontal and vertical boxes that easily blend into the background, making it hard to spot all of the circles.

The contrasting colours in this puzzle can be incredibly distracting but don’t let that stop you from reaching the end goal.

Once you spot the circles in the puzzling picture, the image will play tricks on your eyes as you’ll be able to switch back and forth between the two shapes.

Optical illusions are becoming a popular daily activity for puzzlers who want to test not only their eyesight but their brainpower too.

But don’t worry if you’re struggling, as we have the solution below.

If you focus on each quadrant of the puzzle, you’ll be able to spot something suspicious.

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In total you should be able to spot 16 circles in the tricky Coffer Illusion.

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There are four circles in each row in this optical illusion


There are four circles in each row in this optical illusion

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