You need a calm mind to spot all three differences in these garden images in less than ten seconds.

Keep calm and open your eyes if you want your chance to spot three differences in these garden pictures in ten seconds.

Green-fingered folks will be familiar with this kind of peaceful scene, but one of these images hides a trio of fake objects.


Can you find three differences in these two garden illustrations? Credit: fresherlive

Although they look pretty identical, illusion enthusiasts have been left scratching their heads.

The puzzle shows two pictures of a garden, both of which have a wooden fence, colorful flowers, and a tree on them.

But there are three subtle differences between these two illustrations.

Your job is to spot them in ten seconds.

Do you see the differences?

If you look closely, you’ll see that the image on the right has some extra detail.

A couple of birds fly over a tree, a dog leans against a fence, and an additional cloud is seen floating in the sky.

We have rounded up the answers below for you to check your qualifications.

If that was too easy though, why not see if you can find a delicious slice of seedless watermelon in between this fruit salad?

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This optical illusion challenges you to find the correctly spelled word in less than ten seconds.

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Meanwhile, people were left confused trying to spot the unusual in this image of peppers.

While you’re at it, why don’t you try to find a strange cow in the herd?

The challenge is to locate the subtle differences in less than ten seconds.


The challenge is to locate the subtle differences in less than ten seconds Credit: Fresherlive

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