You have to be as cold as ice to spot the wrong word in this optical illusion in five seconds.

YOU have the eyes of a hawk and high intelligence if you can spot the fake word in this tricky optical illusion.

The brain teaser challenges you to find the word that is out of place in five seconds. Can you find her?


Can you spot the fake word in less than five seconds? Ready? Go!Credit: Unknown, clean with image table

Hidden amongst this purple and black collage of the words “even” is the word “ever” but people just can’t seem to find it.

Can you solve the mind-blowing optical illusion in less than five seconds?

Take a closer look: can you see anything on the right side of the puzzle?

Don’t worry if you can’t spot that annoying fake word because we have the answer.

Another optical illusion challenges you to find a misspelled word in a mass of other words.

Hidden inside the black and pink puzzle is the incorrect spelling BAD, but locating it may be more difficult than you think.

If you can solve this riddle in less than five seconds, you might be a genius.

Viewers are challenged to catch the fake word ‘avocado’ woven into 125 repetitions of the misspelled word ‘avocado’.

The puzzles were head-scratching, especially considering the extremely short time given to complete the task.

Craving a sweeter puzzle? This brain teaser challenges you to find the unusual cookie in a mind blowing puzzle.

With a lot of practice, optical illusions can improve people’s general intelligence and sharpen their mental awareness.

In this puzzling image, a dog sits almost hidden from view, and puzzle lovers are left baffled trying to spot it.

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Unlucky?  Don't worry, here is the answer.


Unlucky? Don’t worry, here is the answer. Credit: Unknown, clear with image box

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