You have the eyes of an expert driver if you can spot the car in this brain-melting optical illusion in just 12 seconds

THIS mind-boggling optical illusion has even the most seasoned puzzlers scratching their heads in pursuit of the answer.

Make sure you’ve filled up with fuel before attempting this one, as you’re in for a bumpy ride!


Try to find the car and prove you have expert eyesCredit: jagranjosh

The task is to find the car hidden in the image in less than 12 seconds to prove you have the eyes of an expert driver.

The image shows a crowded scene consisting of sneaky snails and plump mushrooms.

It is made particularly tricky as it is black and white, meaning your eyes find it much harder to focus on finding the car.

Here’s a hint. Scan each section of the image slowly, one at a time.

Have you found it yet? If not, don’t get your wheels in a spin as this is one of our most difficult puzzles yet and the answer is included below.

And don’t loose drive and determination to keep attempting to solve the tricky teasers.

According to vanishing ink magic they have positive affects on your brain health.

It says: “Brain teasers will stimulate your cognitive ability and also help focus by making you concentrate on one task as a time.”

Below you will find the answer to the car puzzle, but also another difficult challenge.

There it is!


There it is!Credit: jagranjosh
The clock is ticking, try t find all the gnomes within five seconds


The clock is ticking, try t find all the gnomes within five seconds

The aim here is to find the five gnomes doing their shopping in less than five seconds.

Success means you have 20/20 vision and excellent eyesight

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On first appearance, this looks like it might be an easier challenge than other optical illusion tests.

But don’t get too relaxed because these gnomes seem to be GNO where.

There they are, did you find them all?


There they are, did you find them all?

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